Indian Terrorism Dossier: Pakistan Foreign Office exposes Indian support to terrorism

In an unprecedented move, Pakistan Foreign Office released a dossier on Indian state's support to terror outfits across Pakistan. Unusually detailed dossier, for the first time specifically identified terror outfits and insurgent movements supported by Indian Agency (RAW), providing details of funding channels, $ amounts, and named several Indian officials. It also blamed Indian PM Narendra Modi for directly supervising a RAW Cell created to target CPEC. GVS Special Report examines the background of this new foreign policy assertiveness by Pakistan, its goals and will it succeed in countering a Hindutva-driven ideological regime in Delhi.

Congratulations to Bakhtawar Bhutto on her engagement!

Benazir Bhutto’s first daughter and Bilawal’s sister gets engaged, with a successful ex-pat businessman; she will be getting married in January 2021.

Social Media: Pro Vs Con on Chemical Castration for Rapists

The Last nail in the Coffin or transgression of human rights?

What President Joe Biden and PM Imran Khan May share

Almost eight months ago before winning the election, candidate Biden had promised a new vision – of more friendships, more cooperation, more alliances, and more democracy - for America, its allies, and the world at large. How much of that he can now fulfill remains to be seen – but there may be areas of convergence between Biden Administration and Imran Khan government—Managing Editor GVS Analyses.

Govt’s National Employment Portal to help Jobless

A first! Joining Pakistan’s valuable talent pool with Employers! Prime Minister’s newly approved job portal will bridge the gap between employers and the jobless.

What’s driving Pakistan’s stock exchange?

Umar Farooq Economist at AKD securities explains whats driving the stock market performance.

Will the resumption of IMF program harm or help the economy?

Will the resuming of the IMF program help or hamper the Pakistani Economy? Two of the Country's top businessmen Gohar Ejaz, and Aqeel Karim Dedhi discuss along with Minister of Industries Hammad Azhar.

Chairman PIEDMC explains: How will SEZ’s change Pakistan’s economic future?

The future of Pakistan with Special Economic Zones is discussed and explained by Nabeel Hashmi, Chairman PIEDMC

IATC Awards: Recognizing Frontline Heroes

As the world struggles to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that there is no going back to the way things...

Robot-Operated Covid-19 Testing Lab in Islamabad

British High Commissioner Dr. Christian Turner inaugurated Pakistan's first robot-operated Covid-19 testing lab in Islamabad.

Future Trust launched Robot-Operated Covid-19 Testing Lab in Islamabad

Future Trust is a non-profit philanthropic organization, set up by JS Group, in 2015 that seeks to use advanced technology to address the problems caused by poverty.

Pakistan Exposes Indian hybrid war of terror on the world stage

Pakistan has made a strong case that India is a "state sponsor of terrorism." Pakistani Dossier against India heralds the advent of a new phase of aggressive Pakistani diplomacy where Islamabad now confidently exposes India's hybrid war of terror on the world stage, writes Russian Analyst, Andrew Korybko from Moscow.