PIEDMC: Public Private Partnership redefining Punjab’s Industrial landscape

There is no question that for Pakistan to emerge as a prosperous middle-income country by 2030; it needs to work on industrialization in the...

Challenges of Governance in the New Decade

Ahmed Bilal Mehmoob, president of PILDAT, talks about Pakistan’s Governance Agenda for the new decade and why we must and persevere it.

Mastering Chaos: Governance in the Digital Age

Only a decade back, it was almost unimaginable that India would find itself in this dark place globally where its perception would shift so radically – but the “Digital Age” is unleashing new challenges.

Pakistan’s Economy at 2030

Dr. Omer Javed looks at Pakistan's economy by 2030 and argues why the current decade requires a sustainable, innovative, and active policy stance of governments in Pakistan, especially if it wishes to join leading economies by the end of the decade.

Pakistani Media: Freedom of Expression or Chaos Mongers

Syed Anwar Mehmood, who as Secretary Information with President Musharraf, was instrumental in shaping national laws to enable a free media, remembers those days and wonders what went wrong: Why has the media shunned all responsibility to become traders of chaos selling whatever sells?

Energy Security key for Pakistan’s progress

On its path to industrialization, Pakistan needs energy security. GVS looks at what actions do we need to take in the new decade to ensure energy security for Pakistan and fuel the country’s sustainable growth.

Gohar Ejaz: Textile Vision 2025

Former Chairman of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, Gohar Ejaz, analyses Pakistan's textile sector's challenges and opportunities in the upcoming decade. The importance of implementing bona fide policies and reforms to bring tangible growth results in the textile sector. He explains how strategic marketing and the new government e-commerce policy will change the sector's landscape going forward.

Can Pakistan break away from the cycle of past failures

Can Pakistan achieve the “thoughtful, watchful, and concerned” the government argued by the authors? This may require a huge “thought and debate effort” in the country involving media, all levels of government, civil societies, universities, and many other societal organizations!

Banking Vision for Pakistan’s Next Decade

Basir Shamsie, President and CEO of JS Bank, shares his vision for banking in Pakistan in the next decade and identifies financial inclusion, branch services, multichannel collaborations, and human resource development among other necessary measures that Pakistan’s banking sector needs for a digital transformation in order to exponentially grow and provide better customer experiences.

TREK: Travel Responsibly for Experiencing Eco-Tourism

Nestle Pakistan joins hands with the World Bank and the KPK government to promote waste-free, sustainable development-oriented responsible tourism.

Vision 2030: Pakistan’s uphill battle

GVS is looking at what the next decade (2021-30) holds for Pakistan, what challenges and opportunities we will face and where will we likely be in 2030.

Editorial – January 2021

In the last days of 2020, Pakistani politicians, media, bureaucracies and public at large are focused on the issues of “resignations” and “long march”...