Escaping the graveyard of nations: Expert Opinions

It is looking likely that after the USA leaves, a good deal of political uncertainty is about to hit Afghanistan - what should Pakistan be doing under this scenario? PM Imran Khan has flatly refused to allow the US base in Pakistan but should he have been more flexible as Pakistan requires US support to get off from the FATF grey list and is also seeking relaxation under the present IMF program? Our experts looked at the Implications of US bases in Pakistan, potential benefits to the country, and ramifications of political uncertainty in Afghanistan.

The HIT: More than just tanks

Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one single step! Following the advice of philosopher Lao Tzu, Pakistan and China initiated limited joint defense production in July 1971. This sapling has now blossomed into the sprawling Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) that has become the country's backbone to meet indigenous needs. On its 50th Anniversary, Chairman HIT, Maj. Gen. Aamir Raza reminiscences on the history and evolution of HIT and its vision ahead.

CPC’s 100th Year Anniversary

The 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China truly reflects how one party can change the destiny of a country.