Pakistan’s Economy: long term direction?

Pakistan has been lauded internationally for its effective management of the Covid-19 crisis, the economy which took a significant hit recovered surprisingly well. But to continue on a growth path it needs reforms to deregulate, industrialize and digitize the economy.

Drivers of the recent PSX rally?

Pakistan's financial markets are responding to the government's recent performance figures, which have inculcated a positive feeling about the economy and their own growth prospects among leading companies in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s housing market is leading the economy: What has changed?

Pakistan's real estate industry, which was in the doldrums since 2016, has seen a rebound in the past several months. GVS looks at to what extent is the government's construction package and the mortgage foreclosure law driving this.

Economic growth and battle of narratives

Public policy expert warns that as the government’s COVID-19 stimulus packages to the consumer and industry stoke inflationary pressures, it needs to take tough decisions to continue with structural reforms to avoid the ever-cyclical growth trap for Pakistan’s economy.

Alternate Dispute Resolution is the best way forward to police reforms

Owing to the centrality of police in the criminal justice system, the term ‘Police Reforms’ has been used as a shorthand for larger criminal...