Circular Debt: Pakistan’s Bleeding Wound? Tabish Gauhar Explains

Tabish Gauhar explains the key issues underlying the circular debt and what initiatives the government is working on to contain the it.

Market Reform: The Long Haul

Based on the recent PIDE publication, authors argue that market reform and reducing the government’s footprint are crucial for sustainable growth, particularly given the constraints faced by the private sector due to an unfavorable business climate in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s electricity dynamics: Status quo & future direction

It is high time for the government to put its foot down and move away from the current 'Take or Pay' policies, which force it to pay capacity payments to IPPs, and move towards market liberalization of the electricity market, which happened in most countries of the world over 2 decades ago!

Saudi-Iran détente: Prospects and Challenges

Defense analyst discusses the recent Tehran-Riyadh thaw in bilateral relations, which had been previously marred by geopolitical rivalries.

Ravi Riverfront: Pakistan’s First Planned City of this Century

GVS looks at where the Ravi front project stands, what it intends to do, why it was needed, the history of development behind it, and what it means for the country's future.

Importance of Mortgage Lending in housing market: Explains Fahad Siddiqui JS Bank

Head of Secured Lending in J.S. bank elucidates on the scope of the mortgage market in Pakistan versus internationally, and the role J.S. bank plays in supporting the housing and construction sector.

What are the issues with Pakistan’s housing market! Expert Views

Pakistan's real estate industry, which was in the doldrums since 2016, has seen a rebound in the past several months. Experts analyze why?

New investments to reshape Pakistan’s petrochemical sector?

GVS looks at the new proposed investment by Engro in the petrochemical sector that will help the Pakistan to start exporting petrochemicals.

Pakistani Politics on edge and PMLN?

Imran Khan government has started to sell the economy's turnaround as its strong point for winning another election—editor GVS analyses.

Exclusive interview with Saudi Foreign Minister H.H Faisal bin Saud

The Saudi Foreign Minister sheds light upon the brotherly nature of Pak-Saudi bilateral ties and their cooperation on some critical issues.

Fintech revolution at Pakistan’s doorstep – do you know what it is?

GVS looks at the Fintech revolution that has come as the Covid-19 havoc has helped to digitalize the economy's key sectors.

Qasim Akhtar Khan talks on AFT’s entry into the fintech market

Head of Strategy at AFT talks about their entry into the fintech market, their objectives, strategy, and key target market.