Pakistan Property Event in Doha Attracts over 5,000 Visitors

Pakistan's largest real estate enterprise has successfully concluded the first Qatar edition of its flagship Pakistan Property Event in Doha in May 2022.

HBL Enriching Lives: Leading a purpose led transformation for itself & the nation

In June, Pakistan's largest commercial bank, HBL, released its first-ever Impact & Sustainability report (2021), 'Enriching Lives.' A much needed impact analysis, which all...

What Makes PTI’s Uprising Unique?

"Forming united front to fight foe or rival is an integral part of any war, including political battles." Sun Tzu (544-496 BC) - the...

Digital banking for a digital Pakistan

GVS: Why is digital banking essential for Pakistan? Noman Azhar: Offering the ability to access, use and move money via mobile devices, digital banking apps...

Economic Imbalances and Its Implications

Given the emerging economic and political environment, it is pertinent to highlight the risks emerging on the political front and their implications for the...

Government curbs imports in a bid to manage the growing CAD

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, while talking to a private news network, signaled a steep reduction in imports through a combination of regulatory duties and...

Pakistan economy in long term ICU – Editorial

Why does Pakistan face financial and economic crisis every few years? This year Pakistan needs more than $20b to finance its external needs - and therefore the need of IMF! Is there an issue in our economic structure to be fixed for once and all?

NLC to increase logistics vehicles to 1100

An additional 150 vehicles have been booked to enhance the NLC’s fleet size to 900. Another 200 vehicles have been planned for FY-2022-23 to increase the fleet size to 1,100.

Economic growth amid political instability

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) research shows that a high government deficit, a trade surplus via imports and/or exports, and to some extent, foreign remittances, have been the most pertinent factors in boosting a country’s growth rate and GDP.

Arabs, Pakistan, and Israel

With their characteristic duplicity, Pakistan’s Foreign Office and Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives said no official or semi-official delegation from Pakistan met the Israeli President.

The orphan and stillborn National Security Policy of Pakistan 2022-2026

The bureaucracy must occupy its rightful place and stand up for the rights of the people of Pakistan and their aspirations else, history will never forgive them for not providing leadership at a time when the nation needed it the most.

Is Pakistan heading towards water bankruptcy?

Climate change has been causing weather pattern shifts in different parts of the country which requires focused solutions not one size fits all ones.KetiBunder, located near the Arabian Sea, has been hit by frequent seasonal/tropical storms