How effectively will economic sanctions on Russia work?

Russia produces over 10m barrels per day of oil, OPEC’s second largest producer, Europe buys 40 percent of its gas from Russia and Germany buys over 60 percent of its gas from Russia.

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Can OSCE replace NATO?

Headquartered in Vienna, OCSE is fully capable of dealing with security-related issues of all 57 members in Europe. The Europeans need a robust Concert of Europe to get rid of obsolete yet coercive NATO.

An unequal world: West cries for a civilized Ukraine – Gen. Tariq Khan

Civilians are being recruited by the Ukrainian government to undertake street fighting while the West is arming them with Javelin's shoulder-held anti-tank weapons. The method to this madness is escalators and graduated in the application.

Pakistan–Russia: New Entente Cordiale

A volatile relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan, the mounting confrontation between Moscow and Washington, and the growing U.S.- India strategic partnership have given Pakistan and Russia a Machiavellian common cause to reassess bilateral ties

The good, the not so good and the bad of National security policy of Pakistan

The founding father of Pakistan had laid the foundation of the citizen-centric approach as the raison d'être for Pakistan. The Constitution of Pakistan also provides for the basic rights of the citizens. NSP could have served as a uniting policy if the political parties were consulted.