How businesses can help reduce water mismanagement?

The corporate sector has an important role to play in addressing the growing water mismanagement. Companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need for sustainable use of watersheds and accessibility of water to the communities.

Jahan Fans Wahan Stadium successful conclusion of HBL PSL 7

The HBL PSL season 7, which started January 27, played for a month till February 27 was won by the Lahore Qalandars. In a...

Imran Khan slammed E.U. Ambassadors for their letter!

Prime Minister Imran Khan blasted E.U. Ambassadors for their double standards. The heads of 22 diplomatic missions, including those of European Union member states...

Daftarkhwan: home to change-makers

GVS: How did you decide to set up Daftarkhwan? Saad Idrees: It has been six years since Daftarkhwan, a start-up, came forward as an idea...

Regional giant EMPG invests in Pakistan’s Daftarkhwan

Founded in 2016 by Saad Idrees and Ahmad Habib, the Lahori start-up Daftarkhwan has reinvented the working environment. Daftarkhwan is a coworking space for...

Editorial: Putin Challenges US World Order

In the UNGA vote, India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Central Asian Republics all abstained, making it clear how this region does not share the West’s arguments on Russia.

Encouraging Floor Crossings is to support Money Laundering, Why?

Almost 99.99% of public believes that floor crossings represent huge exchanges of dirty money. Dirty money that remains undocumented, untaxed and represents money laundering.

“Fortress Russia” Will it succumb?

Managing Editor GVS queries the posed sanctions but asks what cost for the West? While the media is focusing on the impact of sanctions to break impregnable fortress Russia, it is not clear what the long-term consequences of these measures are for the West.

Pakistan: A breathtaking tourist destination

Pakistan’s landscape is unique and varied, with high altitude mountain ranges in the North; a series of low mountain ranges from North to Southwest; plains and deserts to East; and warm and captivating beaches of the Arabian Sea to the South.

Rebooting Ukraine Conflict

The Russo-Ukraine conflict has ruptured the security architecture that has prevailed in Europe since the end of the Cold War. The war in Ukraine would have profound political, economic, and strategic repercussions. It will expose the entire world to the worst economic crisis.

How International law is shaping policing of gender based violence in Pakistan?

The latest case (titled as Mumtaz Bibi Case) that came up for hearing before Justice Babar Sattar of the Islamabad High Court, the international human rights law has been used to shape an important question of law that has frustrated many attempts to protect and police rights of children.

Enhanced exports: The only economic solution?

Pakistan’s Balance of Payments crisis is spiraling out of control, with the country heading towards a historic $20 billion deficit mark. Without ensuring that exports are supported to reach their maximum potential, the economy is at risk of sinking deeper into the debt trap.