Pharma Export Summit and Awards: Chairman Tauqeer Ul Haq’s Address

Chairman, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA), speaking at the Pharma Export Seminar & Awards 2021, addresses the challenges industry faces and outlines its export potential.

Pakistan’s Pharma: An Industry Set to Rise

As Pakistan strives for regional connectivity with Central Asia, country's pharma industry ventures to discover new export markets and demands a modern regulatory structure to support its initiatives.

Should we be talking with TTP? Gen. Tariq Khan

Gen. Tariq Khan, Ex-Head of Pakistan's Central Command who fought against the TTP questions the wisdom of Imran Khan government in opening talks with TTP

Pakistan’s counter lawfare against US Senate Bill must start now!

Bill in US Senate is offensive, but the response of Pakistan’s Foreign Office is weak argues Hassan Aslam Shad, an international law expert. Regardless of whether the Bill becomes law, Pakistan's Foreign Office and the NSA must send a solid point-by-point rebuttal to the Bill.