Book Review: The Road to Balance in Asia Pacific

NUST scholar Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi in her insightful book, The Road to Balance in the Asia Pacific: Geopolitics of American Rebalancing and Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, explains the unique coupling in the political, economic, and security-military spheres that can make or break the global order.

Book Review: Circular History of Pakistan

This provocative book's central idea revolves around the feeling of perpetual déjà surrounding Pakistan's political theatre. Every political scene has been enacted before and is being re-telecast repeatedly. We are stuck in circular time and history and have not found our Nirvanic moment.

Challenges to Pakistan’s Export Competitiveness

Dr. Farrukh Saleem, Pakistan's prominent economic analyst argues that while Central Asia offers opportunities for exports, much bigger market still lies in EU, US, UK and China but it needs product competitiveness which the government ignores.

NICL: Pakistan’s Insurance Partner plays its role in regional integration

NICL takes pride in its partnership with NLC on the historic occasion of commencing TIR operations by road to Turkey and Azerbaijan. NICL will be providing risk insurance coverage and insurance guarantee for trade transactions being facilitated through TIR under the provisions of CMR.

Dr. Moeed Yusuf: Going in-depth on Pakistan’s Diplomacy

One of the challenges this government has faced with this prime minister (Imran Khan) is that he has set a new paradigm whereby Pakistan will never be up for sale.

Afghanistan and the advent of a new epoch

The Taliban have a unique opportunity to unite their country and launch the country on a development trajectory if some immediate economic and governance issues are addressed. International recognition is a pressing need and Pakistan needs to take a less ambiguous position and lead from the front.

NLC’s first TIR commercial operation commences

The National Logistics Cell (NLC)'s first TIR commercial operation commences under the Ministry of Commerce's vision of regional connectivity.

Regional Connectivity: Vital Element of Economic and National Security

While Pakistan's national security is inextricably linked to its military preparedness, it has other dimensions that relate more to its economic health than keeping it secure in the traditional defense context. In order to further broaden its economic prospects, Pakistan needs to look towards its neighbours and promote connectivity.

Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020: The Hidden Treasure

Pakistan is one of the 192 countries that has put a pavilion in Dubai Expo, and several Pakistani companies, including major financial institutions like HBL and exporting associations like APTMA, are part of this Pavilion.

Pakistan’s smart motorways strength for regional connectivity

Motorways, starting from 1990s, have played a fundamental role in ensuring equitable economic development by connecting different parts of the country through dependable all-weather road links.

The why and how of the dollar appreciation against the rupee

Economist at AKD Securities explains what's driving the recent PKR currency devaluation and how recent government and SBP actions should help to stabilize it

Electronic Voting Machines: Politicians, NGOs, TV Anchors & ECP

While the issue of EVM has been discussed endlessly on all TV talk shows and political debates, they added little value to the general populace's understanding. Much of this has been because instead of inviting experts to explain EVMs, anchors have encouraged politicians to spread baseless opinions.