UAE’s deal with Israel and Pakistan’s populist FP dilemma 

Geo-political analyst and an ex-advisor to the Balochistan government discusses the implications of the UAE-Israel peace deal in the region at large, and how the deal might affect the foreign policy of Pakistan in the coming weeks and months.

Intra Afghan Talks: Many a Slip between the cup and lips

Afghan expert argues that the intra-Afghan negotiations process is going to be thorny, tardy and marked by hardliners on both sides; with the classical establishment in Kabul viewing Taliban as terrorists and using regional warlords as a bulwark against them and the Taliban seeing no place in a future setup for these warlords.

Review: Umbrella Academy by Netflix doesn’t give you more than you’d expect

While it is clear that the show did not suffer a sophomore slump, it still couldn't make a case for itself in an already crowded line up of superhero shows and films

Review: Raat Akeli Hai, a cozy murder mystery

Raat Akeli Hai (The Night Is Lonely) hails from Honey Tehran, a Bollywood casting director-turned feature film maker and is one of the more...

Netflix’s Cliched Superhero Story Is Too Weak To Be Powerful

Project Power has everything going for it except the story