Editorial Periscope: Karachi, a Metropolis Betrayed

Why the Prime Minister's "Karachi Transformation Package" is a good initiative, but may not be enough for Pakistan's troubled metropolis. Can there be a real solution in Karachi as long as Sindhi elite fail to realize that this city of 25 million denizens must self-govern itself in the interest of Pakistan, and Sindh. Editors examine.

‘Best of times, worst of times’: PTI government completes two-year economic recovery

ormer Investment banker argues that PTI’s transformative economic agenda meant unrealistic expectations were ascribed for performance, given the economic conditions the party inherited. However, the economy, despite the Corona pandemic, is showing signs of a turnaround. Now the government needs to go full steam ahead on creating a business-friendly, but competitive environment to encourage growth along with a progressive tax regime to fund those neediest.

Pakistan’s way forward out of recurring economic crises

Imran Khan has three more years to change course. His success or failure would depend on how correctly he identifies the challenges and what resources and people he employs to meet those.

‘Pakistanis are becoming poorer under PTI’: An interview with Miftah Ismail

The former finance minister of Pakistan explains why he thinks PTI mismanaged the economy and created a situation in which economic growth plummeted, the currency devalued, but there was no rise in exports.

Pakistan’s Age of Accountability: Will it sustain itself?

Writer argues that PTI’s ascent in politics coinciding with the arrival of satellite media channels, social media platforms and massive expansion of telecom industry - providing almost 160 million hand held delivery systems- has led to the rise of middle-class values in Pakistan and thus ushered in an Age of Accountability but will it continue?

Inspiring Leadership, Relentless Innovation: Meet Ayesha Dhedhi, Pakistan’s Youngest Female CEO in Real Estate

Pakistan's youngest female CEO in real estate sector explains the vision that underlies the Arkadian project in Karachi and the recent awards it won at the International Property Awards

Pakistan’s Unsustainable Pension Bomb

GVS takes a quick look at the increasing burden of pensions on federal and provincial expenditure; what this means for the country and what are the low lying fruits that can fix it.

Ensuring Food Security in Pakistan

A significant percentage of Pakistanis face food insecurity and it is not because food is not available but rather due to a lack of affordability and inequitable distribution. Pakistan’s agriculture sector faces complex challenges that hinder productivity and yields which are much lower than many regional countries.

Special Feature: Karachi, a metropolis betrayed

The historical transformation plan if implemented with sincerity and purposefulness, can truly play a catalyst role in Karachi’s turnaround.

‘Karachi needs permanent solutions’: An interview with former mayor Waseem Akhtar

The former mayor of Karachi voices his concern about the recent funds announced for the city, saying they are necessary, but not sufficient for Karachi’s transformation. He speaks on the utmost importance of a functioning local government for Karachi as being the essential prerequisite to act as a catalyst for the city’s takeoff.

The Fate of Karachi Transformation Plan

The recent spell of torrential rains literally drowned the city of Karachi for a few days, leaving the helpless masses at the mercy of the vagaries of the weather, with the state nowhere to be found. Businesses and individuals suffered losses worth billions of rupees.

Indo-Pakistani 1965 War: Battle of Chawinda

Tank battle of Chawinda, near Sialkot, between attacking Indians and defending Pakistanis is to this day the largest clash of armour after the great tank battles of World War 2. Pakistanis were able to thwart the numerically superior Indian actions at Chawinda. Amazingly well researched piece by Ammad Usman, a young researcher into military history.