Most unhappy EU nation named

A survey found life satisfaction was more closely correlated with education level than income

EU nations reach agreement on handling irregular migration amid rising Mediterranean arrivals

Representatives of the EU's 27 member states reached an agreement on managing irregular migration during times of exceptionally high arrivals.

Pandora VII: 11,000 items recovered

Interpol's annual operation Pandora VII led to the arrest of 60 people and the retrieval of over 11,000 trafficked.

EU goes after ChatGPT

The bloc’s is looking at “possible enforcement actions” against the American AI project

EU seeks reset with China in shadow of Ukraine war

A flurry of European leaders has descended on Beijing in a push to get dialogue going, with key visits by French President Emmanuel Macron and EU chief Ursula von der Leyen scheduled this week.

EU nation increases sales of wine to Russia

Italian winegrowers outpaced Spain and Georgia to become the country's top supplier in 2022

EU nation approves fighter jets for Ukraine

Slovakia is sending Soviet-era planes to Kiev, amid Western reluctance to provide US-made F-16s

Russia-EU relations ‘no longer exist’ – Moscow

The bloc chose economic ruin to be a vassal of the US, Moscow’s envoy to the UN has said

EU nation swept by wave of bankruptcies – Bloomberg

The number of insolvent firms in Sweden increased sharply in January, the outlet reports

EU state may introduce compulsory military service for women

Danish minister of defense insists the move is necessary to enable the country to protect itself from Russia

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni urges EU to push back against US law

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni has called for the European Union to become more economically independent in the wake of a new US law that puts the bloc’s manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

Western countries issue ultimatum to Serbia

Several Western countries have “sent an ultimatum” to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, demanding that Serbs in the northern part of breakaway Kosovo end their stand-off with local authorities, news website reported on Sunday.