China not allowing EU leader’s video address at trade expo

Chinese authorities behind a major trade expo in Shanghai pulled an opening ceremony address by the European Council president that was set to criticise Russia's "illegal war" in Ukraine and call for reduced EU trade dependency on China, diplomats said.

Europe needs its industrial companies to save energy

Europe needs its industrial companies to save energy amid soaring costs and shrinking supplies, and they are delivering - demand for natural gas and electricity both fell in the past quarter.

Europe is going through unprecedented warm seasonal spell

After a summer marked by repeated heatwaves across much of the continent, Europe is experiencing exceptional temperatures even as it heads into the start of autumn -- a sign of accelerating climate change.

EU to discuss the future sanctions on Iran

European foreign ministers will on Monday discuss the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia and could come to a political agreement on future sanctions related to such activity

ESA releases images of Indus river overflowing

The agency released images from the satellite showing an area where the Indus River has overflowed

Pakistan’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its GSP+ case

The EU has assured Pakistan that its stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict will have no bearing on the inclusion of Islamabad in the GSP+ 

EU leaders grant Ukraine candidate status

Zelensky hails the move as "a unique and historic moment." The countries’ admission to the EU will likely take years, though.

Status of GSP+ extension for Pakistan

Monitoring Mission of European Union’s (EU) Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+) is on visit to Islamabad for ten days

Rheinmetall’s MBT Panther KF51 set to dominate the modern battlefield

Rheinmetall claims that the Panther KF51 is a first of its kind Main Battle Tank based on a radically new concept that derive its strength from some of the latest technologies.

World Bank issues warning of global recession

World Bank stated that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war could bring a global recession as food, energy, and fertilizer the prices go higher

EU prepares $195b plan to do away with Russian energy

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says the EU is significantly reducing its reliance on Russian energy, following Gazprom's announcement that it had cut gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

FM Qureshi aiming max benefit from EU-Pakistan dialogue

The EU and Pakistan have reiterated their commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and cooperating over critical issues in the 6th round of the EU-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue.