India’s desperate disinformation campaign to disparage Pakistan

The disinformation campaign was executed by a combination of verified and unverified accounts, including accounts identifying as “news sources” as well as other accounts purportedly belonging to individuals.

Religious leaders announce nation-wide strike across Pakistan

Businessmen in Karachi are rallying behind the call of Mufti Muneeb ur Rahman for Wheel Jam Strike across the country after the Government’s recent steps.

Hong kong bans flights from Pakistan, India and Philippines

According to details, Hong Kong is going to ban flights from three countries which include India, Pakistan and Philippines from the 20th of April...

PM Khan vows to lead strong int’l campaign against blasphemy

On issue of blasphemy, he said, some political and religious parties in the country were “misusing” Islam to play with the sentiments of common man and were inciting violence.

No breakthrough in Saudi-Iran relations as they hold direct talks

The regional source said the meeting focused on Yemen, where a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been battling the Iran-aligned Houthi group since March 2015.

Dr. Fai slams Indianapolis’ mass shooting, expresses solidarity with Sikh community

The attack in Indianapolis, capital of the state of Indiana, was the latest in a spate of at deadly mass shootings in the United States over the past month, and follows concerns about anti-Asian violence.

Blinken defends US withdrawal, says terror threat has ‘moved’ from Afghanistan

The terrorism threat has moved to other places. And we have other very important items on our agenda, including the relationship with China, including dealing with everything from climate change to Covid

Pakistan denies any “official” back door diplomacy with India

Foreign minister says talks with India possible only if Kashmir's erstwhile status restored

How a young Pakistani became the champion of Quran recitation

To master the art of Quran recitation, 21-year-old Hassan Ali Kasi had to follow a strict regime of yoga, hours of rehearsing vocal scales -- and a total ban on biryani.

Vaccine giant tweets Biden to end US raw materials ’embargo’

The head of the world's largest vaccine maker directly tweeted US President Joe Biden on Friday urging him to lift an export ban on raw materials desperately needed to make more coronavirus shots.

US, Japan show unity against China in Biden’s first summit

The United States and Japan "recognize the importance of deterrence to maintain peace and stability in the region," the statement said.

Govt. cannot be blackmailed by force: Fawad Hussain warns protestors

The government cannot be blackmailed by force and the perpetrators of violence against police and institutions will be brought to justice.