Taliban stand stronger after one year since Kabul’s fall

To tighten their grip, the Taliban have poured thousands of fighters into the Panshjir Valley, home to the only conventional military threat the Islamists have faced since their takeover.

Babar Azam retains first spot in ICC T20I rankings

At one point, it seemed cricketers will topple Babar Azam from his top position in the ICC rankings.

Virgin Atlantic to increase flight operations in Pakistan

Virgin Atlantic had initiated flight operations to Pakistan back in 2020.

Aversion from “default-like situation” in Pakistan- finance minister

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail during his interview to CNBC clearly stated that there were serious worries about Pakistan heading Sri Lanka’s way and getting...

China announces termination of military exercises around Taiwan

Chinese military announces end to unprecedented military drills held in protest of US House speaker’s trip to Taiwan

WATCH: Muhammad Yousuf meets little cricketer

The little boy was seen hitting perfect shots in the clip. Muhammad Yousaf shared the clip on his Twitter and asked people to help him search for the boy.

Philippines withdraws military deal with Russia

The Philippine defence department was "formalizing the termination" of the contract.

Elon Musk sells Tesla shares due to a possible coerced Twitter deal

The latest sales bring total Tesla stock sales by Musk to about $32 billion in less than one year.

Pakistan guided missile Navy ship to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has given permission for the Pakistani guided missile frigate PNS Taimur, which was built in China, to stop at Colombo on its way to Karachi, where it will join the Pakistan Navy.

China “will not renounce the use of force” to merge Taiwan

Latest official document on Taiwan released by Beijing mentions unification with self-ruled island under ‘one country, two systems’

Two Shariah compliant savings schemes introduced, SISA and SITA

The Central Directorate of National Savings Organization has introduced Sarwa Islamic Savings Account (SISA) and Sarwa Islamic Term Account (SITA), two Shariah-compliant schemes. In order...

Russia launches Iranian satellite to spy on Ukraine

Launch of Iranian satellite milestone event in Moscow-Tehran cooperation, says Russian official