Trial in New Mexico reveals details of disturbing circumstances that led upto a young boy’s death

Young Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj's life took a heart-wrenching turn when a ritual intended to rid him of evil spirits went terribly awry.

Badal Sabzoi was shattered by a sudden and devastating explosion, resulted in 9 dead

The peaceful village of Badal Sabzoi was shattered by a sudden and devastating explosion, killing nine, including five children.

Man gunned down for advocating on behalf of the Rohingya Muslims

The chairman of the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights, continues the work of his murdered friend, Mohib Ullah.

Arson attack on Mosque in southeastern city of Eskilstuna

As investigators delve into the circumstances surrounding this event, it draws attention to the broader issue of religious intolerance.

Dialogue with Taliban should continue: UN

Dialogue, engagement is necessary to make sure there is change in Talibain’s policies, says special envoy for Afghanistan

Muslims worldwide to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birth

Muslims across world to celebrate Mawlid al-Nabawi on 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal, 3rd month of Islamic lunar calendar

At least 100 killed in fire at wedding celebration in northern Iraq

500 also injured in incident in Al-Hamdaniya district in Nineveh province

Punjab Police arrests suspect in case of harmful injections causing vision impairment

These dangerous injections made their way to private hospitals in the area, and it was with the help of the Arifwala police that the suspect was caught.

Erdogan demands F-16s for NATO expansion

The Turkish leader says the approval of Sweden’s membership depends on the US

Govt vows ‘swift and decisive’ action after students beheaded in Indian state

Photos of the brutal murder of two students surfaced after an internet ban was lifted in Manipur

US slaps Ukraine with list of demands

Washington reiterated that is pushing measures to “combat corruption” in Kiev

Pakistan Cricket Team heads to India amid uncertainties and delays

Pakistan cricket team embarked on their journey to India early Wednesday morning, ready to participate in the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023. The...