Xi Jinping sees ‘irreversible’ shift to multipolar world

China’s president has previewed his visit to Moscow by declaring that “no single country should dictate the international order”

Russia-China ties have no limitations – Putin

The Russian president has lauded the strengthening relations between the two nations and joint efforts in building a multipolar world

New Delhi summons top British diplomat after Indian flag taken down at London High Commission

TeK UK arranged digital van which displayed messages of brutalities and human rights violations by Indian forces

Pakistan’s Imran Khan: Committee to lead party if I’m arrested

The former prime minister has led country-wide protests after his ouster from power last year and has had a spate of cases registered against him.

North Korea’s Kim leads ‘nuclear counterattack’ simulation drill

Kim expressed satisfaction over the weekend drills, which were held to "let relevant units get familiar with the procedures and processes for implementing their tactical nuclear attack missions", said the report by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Zaman Park operation: Police enter Imran Khan’s residence after breaking front doors

In preparation for the operation at Zaman Park, the police have surrounded the area with containers and deployed numerous security personnel.

EU nation approves fighter jets for Ukraine

Slovakia is sending Soviet-era planes to Kiev, amid Western reluctance to provide US-made F-16s

US and its ‘horrible’ leaders are greatest threat to Western civilization – Trump

The country has ‘never been closer’ to nuclear war, the former president said in a video, urging a ceasefire in Ukraine

‘I’M BACK’: Trump returns to Facebook, YouTube after two-year ban

"I'M BACK," Trump exclaimed, alongside a 12-second video clip that appeared to show him giving his victory speech after winning the 2016 election saying: "Sorry to keep you waiting -- complicated business."

Pakistan Army ranked 7th most powerful army in the world

The list takes into account 60 factors while ranking the country’s military force. Pakistan scored 0.1694 on the Power Index.

War crimes court issues Putin arrest warrant

Moscow dismissed the orders as "void." Russia is not a party to the ICC so it was unclear if or how Putin could ever end up in the dock.

US leadership role in Middle East facing deep challenges

US officials have tried to minimize Beijing's role in the region, saying it is far from supplanting the United States: much of the Middle East still sits under the Pentagon's security umbrella.