US carries out airstrikes in Afghanistan to support Kabul against Taliban

The United States (US) recently carried out airstrikes as it backed the Afghan army's bid to repel a Taliban offensive, the Pentagon said Thursday,...

Escaping the graveyard of nations: Expert Opinions

It is looking likely that after the USA leaves, a good deal of political uncertainty is about to hit Afghanistan - what should Pakistan be doing under this scenario? PM Imran Khan has flatly refused to allow the US base in Pakistan but should he have been more flexible as Pakistan requires US support to get off from the FATF grey list and is also seeking relaxation under the present IMF program? Our experts looked at the Implications of US bases in Pakistan, potential benefits to the country, and ramifications of political uncertainty in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Important Questions for the Future

The question that everyone fears and wishes to ignore is that once the U.S. leaves Afghanistan, who will take the herculean task to help run this war-ravaged economy? China's mediatory role post-American withdrawal will be pivotal, and maybe the U.S.A. will not be as averse to the idea as we may believe.

Afghanistan: Freedom on the horizon

Pakistan's former Defense Secretary sees three possible emerging scenarios in Afghanistan. The first would be a smooth transition; the second would be an abrasive transition in which an intra-Afghan dialogue and kinetic struggle would settle the final paradigm of political structure for the country, and the third and most complicated situation is if the Peace Process totally fails, the country falls into an abyss of chaos and destruction. Such an outcome would obviously be a bombshell for Pakistan, and it is this eventuality for which we appear to be least prepared.

Pakistan donates PPEs to Afghanistan for the fight against COVID-19

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority has donated Personal Protection Equipment to Afghanistan to combat Covid-19.

Pakistan to provide military support to US as Mooed Yusuf meets counterpart

While Pakistan initially denied any military support to the US post the Afghan peace process, Washington just announced to the contrary.

Afghan leader Hekmatyar warns US against quitting peace deal

Former Afghan Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar on Sunday slammed the US for what he called an attempt to quit the Doha peace deal with...

Fire erupts at Afghanistan-Iran border, 100 fuel tankers destroyed

At least 100 oil and gas tankers have been destroyed by fire in a "catastrophe" at Afghanistan's biggest trade crossing with Iran, causing millions...

US President Biden facing ‘serious dilemmas’ on Afghan troop withdrawal

US President Joe Biden faces "serious dilemmas" in Afghanistan as a deadline to withdraw troops nears and the Taliban show no sign of ending...

Holding US accountable for its miscalculations in Afghanistan

The biggest threat to the US national security is a strategic miscalculation. In Afghanistan, even when there was an intel-oriented conflict that afforded a...

UN report vindicates Pakistan’s stance on cross-border terrorism

A new UN report on Daesh/ISIS and al-Qaeda vindicates Pakistan’s longstanding position on the threat of Afghan-based terrorist groups, according to Islamabad. Pakistan has long...

Biden’s impending challenges in Afghanistan

The Biden administration has many complex internal issues to address and resolve, ranging from handling the pandemic to reinvigorating the economy to uniting a...