Western powers urge Taliban to reopen girls schools in Afghanistan

The Taliban's decision to keep schools shuttered for girls came after a meeting late Tuesday by senior officials in the southern city of Kandahar, the movement's de facto power center and conservative spiritual heartland.

Putin and Imran Khan: Speaking with one voice on Afghanistan?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistan's PM Imran Khan spoke with one voice on Afghanistan during the 20th SCO summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan demanding International community to engage with Taliban.

US defense Sec to bolster allies in Gulf after losing face in Afghanistan

While the US would like to focus on the Indo Pacific region to counter China, it can not leave too many loopholes behind for China to fill. China is likely to attract the Gulf states in its own security based institution, The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation given the security trends in South Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.

Pakistan to formulate a strategy for the rehabilitation of Afghanistan

Like the post-war rehabilitation programs of history, Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan is reportedly preparing a strategy to extend financial assistance to its war-torn Western neighbor. Government is to make an appeal to the international community to not leave Afghan population isolated at this time of crisis.

No democracy in Afghanistan: Taliban

Afghanistan may be governed by a ruling council now that the Taliban have taken over, while the movement's supreme leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, would likely...

Khan, Boris discuss Afghan engagement and flight restrictions

On Wednesday, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan received a call from his British counterpart, Boris Johnson. They exchanged views on the rapidly changing environment...

Dead Afghan found in C-17 aircraft coming from Kabul

The U.S. Air Force said on Tuesday that it was investigating the circumstances surrounding human remains that were found in the wheel well of...

Delayed rescue, Biden pledges to airlift Afghan workers

 President Joe Biden's pledge to evacuate thousands of more at-risk Afghans who worked for the U.S. government will run into the cold reality of...

Respect Human Rights and we work with you, says EU to Taliban

The European Union (EU) said that they will only cooperate with the Taliban if they respect fundamental rights, including those of women, and prevent...

Taliban leader appears on Tolo News with Woman Anchor, history in making

Now in control of Afghanistan, The Taliban continue to surprise the western world. Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad, a key member of the Taliban media team...

Afghan Central Bank Chief flees country

Ajmal Ahmady, Afghanistan's central bank chief, has fled Kabul, on a tweet earlier, he questioned the loyalty of Afghan security forces and blamed President Ashraf Ghani and his inexperienced advisors for the country's swift and chaotic fall to the Taliban.

UK expresses misgivings over US “rotten deal” to leave Afghanistan

LONDON, Aug 16  - The humiliation of the lightning Taliban takeover in Afghanistan after a 20-year war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives...