Modi’s India becomes nightmare for Muslims during Ramazan

During Taraweeh, more than 60 goons of the religiously violent organization ‘Bajrang Dal’ stormed the mosque.

India to have 2.9m more people than China by mid-2023, UN estimate shows

The demographic data from the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) State of World Population Report, 2023 estimates India’s population at 1,428.6m or 1.4286 billion against 1.4257bn for China.

11 people die of sunstroke near Mumbai after open-air award function

Hundreds of thousands of people attended an award function on Sunday afternoon where federal home minister Amit Shah presented an award to a well-known social activist, on the outskirts of the country’s financial capital of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Former Indian politician, brother shot dead live on TV

Atiq Ahmed, 61, who had been jailed since 2019 and was convicted of kidnapping, was answering reporters’ questions on Saturday when he and his brother Ashraf were shot at close range, the television images showed.

India’s parliament adjourned after protests over Gandhi expulsion

Gandhi lost his parliamentary seat on Friday after being convicted in a case that critics say shows how the rule of law is under threat in the world's largest democracy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Australia, India agree on strengthening economic, defence ties

Last year, the two countries signed a free trade deal called the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), the first signed by India with a developed country in a decade.

Modi calls for unity at G20 dominated by Ukraine

India had wanted its G20 presidency this year to focus on issues such as alleviating poverty and climate finance, but the Ukraine war has so far crowded out other agenda items.

Japan FM to skip G20 foreign ministers meeting in India

According to a Japanese government official, Yoshimasa Hayashi, the foreign minister of Japan, will not attend the G20 foreign ministers' meeting scheduled for this week in New Delhi, India.

Hindu temple vandalized in Canada; India reacts

According to reports, a pro-Khalistan group vandalised a Hindu temple in Mississauga, Canada, with anti-India graffiti.

US-India partnership aims at AI and weapons to challenge China

President Joe Biden hopes that the new partnership between the United States and India will enable both states to compete with China in the manufacturing of military hardware, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ smashes Indian box office records

Khan, popularly known as "King Khan", has a huge fan following around the world. The film also features Bollywood heart-throb Deepika Padukone and action hero John Abraham.

‘Long march’ helps India’s Rahul Gandhi shed playboy image

Rahul Gandhi has for years struggled to challenge the electoral juggernaut of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds a near-monopoly on power through nationalist appeals to the country's Hindu majority.