IAF leaves behind China in air defense ranking

The World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) has ranked the Indian Air Force third in global air defense systems for the year 2022, after examining the air strengths of various other countries.  

Hindu groups move to court to ban Muslims from entering historic Indian mosque

Members of hardline Hindu groups tied to Modi's party believe that Islamic invaders destroyed Hindu temples during their 200-year rule.

Indian wrestler faces life ban for punching referee

"A police complaint has been made and we have banned him for life," said Tomar.

India’s biggest insurance company LIC in danger

The offer price of 949 rupees had valued LIC at $77 billion, but it opened Tuesday on Mumbai's exchange trading seven percent lower.

26 killed as building catches fire in Delhi

Television footage showed smoke billowing out of the windows of the building, with firefighters helping those trapped in the upper floors to escape as hundreds watched.

Heatwaves hit India as birds fall from the sky

This year has been one of the worst in the recent times. We have seen a 10% increase in the number of birds that need rescuing.

Indian rupee falls to new low on Fed action

Foreign investors have withdrawn a net 1.34 trillion rupees ($17.3 billion) from Indian equities so far this year, stock exchange data showed.

India to build another dam on Chenab in violation of IWT

Pakistan’s water authorities express reservations over the Indian decision of the hydro-electric project over Chenab River.

Ukraine on agenda as Indian PM Modi heads to Europe

India, which imports much of its military hardware from Russia, has long walked a diplomatic tightrope between the West and Moscow, and has called only for an immediate end to hostilities.

Britain and India agree on a new defence partnership

UK and India had agreed to work together in defence procurement to meet threats across land, sea and air, space and cyber, including partnering on new fighter jet technology, maritime technologies to detect and respond to threats in the oceans.

Indian court bars demolition of Muslim shops in Delhi

The petitioner to the court said the municipal authorities had not alerted the local shopkeepers before the razing operation.

Indian Media impressed with PM Khan’s surprise

Indian News Channel Zee News says PM Khan did "surprise" the opposition and the whole world.