‘Long march’ helps India’s Rahul Gandhi shed playboy image

Rahul Gandhi has for years struggled to challenge the electoral juggernaut of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds a near-monopoly on power through nationalist appeals to the country's Hindu majority.

India blocks BBC ‘propaganda piece’

The mini-series ties Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a bloody and fatal ethnic riot

WHO warns against use of Indian cough syrups

The World Health Organ­isation has issued an alert warning against the use of two Indian cough syrups blamed for the deaths of at least 20 children in Uzbekistan.

Man arrested for urinating on female passenger during flight

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued a notice to Air India for the unprofessional handling of the incident. The notice observed that the air carrier was in dereliction of duty in the handling of the urination incident.

India to snatch most populous country’s title from China

India’s population, currently over 1.4 billion, is expected to continue to grow to 1.7 billion in 2064 before it starts to decline.

India’s cricket board has invited bids for women’s IPL

India's cricket board has invited bids to own teams in the inaugural women's Indian Premier League, which could become one of the biggest money-spinners in women's sport.

Indian cricketer Pant will be transferred to Mumbai for treatment

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant will be transferred to Mumbai for treatment on Wednesday, nearly a week after he suffered several injuries in a road accident, a cricket board official said.

India to deploy tactical Ballistic Missiles near Pak-China Border

The missile system started getting development around 2015 and the development of such a capability was given a push by the late Gen Bipin Rawat as Chief of Army Staff.

India’s central bank governor warned of Crypto causing next global financial crisis

India's central bank governor warned Wednesday that cryptocurrency markets risked causing the next global financial crisis, saying the recent collapse of FTX was proof of the sector's "inherent risks".

Muslim heritage in India under threat

Pursuing the agenda of Babri mosque’s demolition 30 years ago, the Hindu zealots continue to make false claims about the historic sites, most recently the magnificent Taj Mahal, for its alleged origins to an early Hindu rule.

Farmers in India blames lack of alternatives for stubble disposal

Smoke billows out of the fields in India's Punjab state as several thousand acres of crop stubble are set on fire, wrapping surrounding areas in a thick, grey blanket.

Bollywood faces failure at box office

Bollywood, like other movie industries, has been hurt by streaming's rise, which started before the pandemic but took off when millions of Indians were forced indoors.