Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui killed in recent clashes in Afghanistan

Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui has lost his life in the recent clashes in Afghanistan on Thursday night. He was working with Reuters News Agency...

India worried at Pakistan’s dominance in the OIC amid Kashmir offer

Pakistan is no longer isolated, in fact, India failed to isolate it. PM Imran Khan is leading a strong foreign policy that is highlighting key issues such as the Kashmir dispute in international politics.

Covid-19 response in India and Pakistan

In its urgency to be one of the leading powers in the world, India, like its ally, the US, has ironically ushered into the world's deadliest Covid-19 related catastrophes. Has it been an unlucky stroke of fate or was the Indian government responsible?

India considers Pakistan’s cyber capabilities more dangerous than China: Report

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has issued a report on qualitative assessment of cyber power in 15 countries. The report says that India...

Drone Attack at Jammu: Another False Flag Operation by Indians?

In a Tweet, the Indian Air Force has claimed that “Two low-intensity explosions were reported early Sunday morning in the technical area of Jammu...

India: Dalit family assaulted by upper-class men

Members of a Dalit family, also known as "untouchable" in India, were assaulted for objecting to waste being dumped in front of their home.

22 Indians die as doctor snaps oxygen supply

At least 22 patients allegedly died in a 'mock oxygen drill' performed by a doctor in Agra Hospital. The viral video shows a man...

How Cabinet Mission Plan could have changed the history of the world?

The Cabinet Mission Plan proposed to keep British India united. It provided a federal system of governance for the country. It aimed to accommodate...

Pakistan’s full spectrum deterrence keeps Indians away

Pakistan's full spectrum deterrence (FSD) is a nuclear policy that aims to deter India from aggression and in case the deterrence fails, deny India...

Why is #IndianArmyExposed trending in Pakistan

#IndianArmyExposed goes trending as Pakistan's attempt to combat 5th generation warfare by sharing tweets filled with poignant opinions.

India prioritizing military over healthcare despite COVID crisis

India has become the third-highest military spender globally, but with the ongoing Pandemic is it really what it should be prioritizing?

China, Pakistan to jointly fight 5th generation warfare

In order to combat the modern threat of 5th generation warfare, China-Pak cooperation has potentially taken a new turn.