Massive fire at world’s largest refugee camp

A large fire that started in the Rohingya refugee camp in southeast Bangladesh has left thousands of refugees homeless.

Fire in Bangladesh destroys shelters of Rohingya refugees

According to the International Organization for Migration, a fire at Bangladesh's largest refugee camp demolished 2,000 shelters.

Rich nations are responsible for climate tragedy, says PM Hasina

"I know the rich countries, they want to become more rich and rich. They don't bother for others."

Bangladesh won’t encounter a Sri Lanka-like crises: PM Hasina

"Some people have raised this issue that Bangladesh will be Sri Lanka, but I can ensure that that will not happen."

Bangladesh has announced aid for flood victims in Pakistan

PM Sheikh Hasina has pledged 80 million Taka aid to help flood victims in Balochistan.

Russia offers refined oil to Bangladesh

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the concerned authorities to prepare a plan for buying fuel from Russia.

Al Jazeera’s sting on Bangladesh leadership

In a shocking video, AJ has blown the lid off Bangladesh's nexus between the prime minister and her army chief. The video highlights that...

Bangladesh & Myanmar’s hybrid war troubles: Lessons for Global South

The Global South nations of the developing world can learn some valuable “Democratic Security” lessons from Bangladesh and Myanmar's Hybrid War troubles, specifically as...

China’s military must be prepared to “act at any second”: President Xi

As the new year begins, the first order for the armed forces put forward by China's President Xi Jinping was to emphasize the need...

Indonesia potentially set to take on China and claim leadership of ‘moderate’ Islam

President Joko Widodo’s recent cabinet reshuffle suggests that Indonesia may adopt a more critical attitude towards China and reinforce government support for efforts by Nahdlatul Ulama...

US President-elect Biden briefed on Afghan peace: What happens now?

Pakistan is likely to be put under pressure after US President Elect Joe Biden takes office in the Afghan Peace Process as Biden is...

Book review: Exploring the underemphasized reflections on BRI

Political scientists Alan Chong and Quang Min Pham bring with their edited volume, Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020),...