The Day-O of social justice: Remembering Harry Belafonte

Pioneering American singer, actor, and civil rights activist, Harry Belafonte, dies at age 96 on 25th April 2023.

Biden tells Russia to release US reporter

Asked by White House reporters what his message was to Russia regarding Gershkovich, a US citizen, Biden said: "Let him go."

US Airstrikes in Syria After Deadly Drone Attack Kills American

The US military carried out airstrikes in Syria against Iran-aligned groups in response to a deadly drone attack on American personnel. The attack drone was determined to be of Iranian origin, which could further escalate tensions between the US and Iran.

US Congress Opposes US Troops’ Withdrawal from Syria

In order to maintain the country's protracted military occupation, US legislators rejected a bill that sought to evacuate all American troops from Syria.

US believes Russia might provide Iran with fighter jets: White House

"We believe that Russia might provide Iran unprecedented defense cooperation, including on missiles, electronics and air defense. We believe that Russia might provide Iran with fighter jets," National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Russia gains ground in Ukraine

Russia said on Wednesday it had broken through two fortified Ukrainian defence lines on the eastern front, with Kyiv describing conditions there as difficult and Western allies announcing more military aid including artillery rounds.

US-India partnership aims at AI and weapons to challenge China

President Joe Biden hopes that the new partnership between the United States and India will enable both states to compete with China in the manufacturing of military hardware, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence.

US Denounced the Burning of the Quran in Sweden

After the worldwide condemnation of Quran Desecration, the US State Department also highlighted the incident in its latest press briefing.

Pentagon misled US public on Kabul drone strike that killed children

Erroneous assumptions and biases by US analysts led to the Kabul drone attack that killed ten civilians, including seven children, during the Pentagon’s chaotic August 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan, an internal military investigation has reportedly found.

US will not send M1 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine

The US will not send M1 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing officials.

First legal recreational marijuana dispensary opens in US

New York's first legal recreational marijuana dispensary opened on Thursday in the heart of Manhattan.

Chinese jet in close encounter with US aircraft over South China Sea

A Chinese jet flew dangerously within 20 feet (six meters) of a much larger US air force surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea, the US military said Thursday.