London’s anti-hate campaigns in honor of the Afzaal family

London receives funding to combat hate and racism, honoring the Afzaal family's legacy, and promoting unity and inclusivity.

Journalists Stand Trial in Iran for Reporting on Mahsa Amini’s Murder

Journalists stand trial in Iran for reporting on Mahsa Amini's murder, highlighting the dire human rights situation of Iran.

Protests Erupt at Hui Mosque in China’s Yunnan Province

Protests erupt at Hui mosque, calling for a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by religious minorities in China.

From tragedy to unity: Honouring the lives of the Afzaal family

Reflecting on the lives lost, The Thames Valley District school honours the Afzaal family on their second anniversary.

President Raisi’s mission to unite Islamic countries

President Raisi's Jakarta address highlights the need for Islamic unity, condemning division and oppression while fostering cooperation.

New bill proposed ending New York’s support for Israeli settlements

"Not on Our Dime!: Ending New York Funding of Israeli Settler Violence Act" seeks to uphold international law and human rights.

A journey to empowerment: Edna’s fight against FGM

Nurse-midwife and founder of Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, fighting FGM and improving women's healthcare in East Africa wins Templeton Prize.

Israel Admits to Intentionally Killing Children in Gaza

Israel Admits to Intentionally Killing Children in Gaza which is a shocking and reprehensible act that must be condemned.

UK’s differential treatment of refugees sparks concern

UK Home Office comes under negative light due to treating refugees differently and being selective with their rescues.

The tragic fate of Mattohti Mattursun

Mattohti Mattursun, an ethnic Uyghur asylum seeker, passed away on April 21, 2023, due to liver failure at the Suan Phlu Immigration Detention Center...

Sudan in crisis: Calls for ceasefire and humanitarian aid

Conflict, violence and a lack of humanitarian aid have left civilians of Sudan vulnerable and in need of urgent assistance.

Israel continues brutal crackdown, kills Palestinian teen

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager and have been continuing to launch brutal attacks on Palestinians during the holy month.