Primary Suspects in Kasur Child-Rape Cases Set Free by LHC

LHC's acquittal of convicts in the Kasur child rape scandal raises concerns about justice for sexual abuse victims in the country.

Tragic Honor Killing Unveils Deep-Seated Issues in Kohistan

Police in Kohistan arrest three suspects, including family members, for the honor killing of a teenage girl after a Jirga's decision.

Israel Carrying Out Mass Genocide of Palestinians: UN

Experts have warned that Israel is currently engaged in what appears to be another mass genocide of the Palestinian population.

Christian evangelist brutally murdered in Eastern Uganda

A 33-year-old Christian evangelist, Philip Bere, was brutally beaten to death by Muslim extremists for leading Muslims to faith in Christ.

Nigerian police arrests more than 60 people for involvement in gay wedding

More than 60 people were recently arrested and detained in connection with an alleged gay wedding in Nigeria

Woman in Tennessee threatened with jail time on refusal to take of hijab

Sophia Johnston was threatened with indefinite jail time if she refused to remove her hijab for a booking photo

Sherwani family murder-suicide in Texas

Suburban Dallas community was rocked by a devastating murder-suicide that claimed the lives of four family members.

UAB Conference Addresses Injustice and Human Rights Violations in the Muslim World

The subsequent session featured an engaging question-and-answer segment, moderated by Dr. Moeed Pirzada. This interactive exchange facilitated a deeper exploration of the discussed topics.

Teacher shaves heads of 14 girls in Indonesia

14 girls had their heads partially shaved by a teacher due to accusations of incorrect wearing of Islamic hijab headscarves

Myanmar’s Rohingya genocide and ongoing struggle for stability

Myanmar's ongoing turmoil: Rohingya genocide, military coup, and humanitarian crises test the world's resolve

Ralph Lauren’s Canadian unit faces investigation over Uyghur forced labour

Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) launches investigation into Ralph Lauren for Uyghur forced labor allegations

150 Rohingya individuals arrested for fleeing the country

Maynmar authorities arrested nearly 150 Rohingya citizen's suspected of attempting to flee, including 127 Rohingya men and 18 women