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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Christian evangelist brutally murdered in Eastern Uganda

A 33-year-old Christian evangelist, Philip Bere, was brutally beaten to death by Muslim extremists for leading Muslims to faith in Christ.

A 33-year-old Christian evangelist, Philip Bere, was brutally beaten to death by Muslim extremists. Bere’s crime was leading Muslims to faith in Christ during an evangelistic event in Kituuti town, located in eastern Uganda. This heinous act sheds light on the challenges faced by religious minorities and the importance of upholding religious freedom in the country.

Evangelistic Event

Philip Bere, along with his fellow evangelist Mudenya Sirasi, had organized an evangelistic event in Kituuti town. The event proved to be successful, with many people, including Muslim women and two young Muslim men, embracing Christianity. The message of hope and faith in Christ resonated with the attendees, but it also attracted the attention of extremists who opposed religious conversion.

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The Ambush

As Philip Bere and Mudenya Sirasi were returning to Katiryo, Kibuku District, they were ambushed at around 7:40 p.m. The attackers, fueled by religious zealotry, were overheard saying, “They are the ones who converted our members today — they are not supposed to live, but to be killed.” This chilling declaration marked the beginning of a horrifying ordeal for the two evangelists.

Violent Assault

The assailants wasted no time in launching a violent assault. One of the attackers, armed with a blunt object, struck Philip Bere on his back, causing him to fall from his bicycle. Mudenya Sirasi, realizing the gravity of the situation, quickly disembarked from the bike and sought refuge in a tunnel under a nearby bridge.

In his hiding place, Sirasi could only watch helplessly as the attackers continued their brutal assault on his friend and fellow evangelist. The attackers showed no mercy, using a large stone to inflict fatal injuries on Philip Bere, who eventually bled to death.


After the attackers left the scene, Mudenya Sirasi emerged from his hiding place and discovered the lifeless body of Philip Bere lying in a pool of blood. Overwhelmed by shock and grief, he wasted no time in alerting other Christians in the area and the local police. The officers promptly arrived at the scene and transported Bere’s body to a hospital for a postmortem examination.

Pastor’s Perspective

The pastor of Bere’s church, whose name remains undisclosed for security reasons, expressed deep sorrow over the tragic loss. He highlighted that Philip Bere’s unwavering passion for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to Muslims, had motivated him to organize the evangelistic event. The pastor emphasized that Bere’s death was a devastating consequence of his commitment to spreading the message of hope and faith.

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This horrifying incident is unfortunately not an isolated one. Uganda has witnessed several instances of persecution against Christians, and Morning Star News has documented numerous such cases. While Uganda’s constitution and laws guarantee religious freedom, the reality on the ground often differs, particularly in areas with a significant Muslim population.