US Airstrikes in Syria After Deadly Drone Attack Kills American

The US military carried out airstrikes in Syria against Iran-aligned groups in response to a deadly drone attack on American personnel. The attack drone was determined to be of Iranian origin, which could further escalate tensions between the US and Iran.

Ukraine struggles to keep Bakhmut

The battle for Bakhmut has become the focus of Russia's winter campaign to capture Ukraine's eastern region, with both sides describing it as Europe's bloodiest infantry battle since World War Two.

Russia to push back conscription age

Russia unveiled a plan that would raise the age of conscription from the current 18–27 years to 21–30 years.

Biden to meet eastern NATO allies as Putin warns of nuclear tests

U.S. President Joe Biden will meet leaders of NATO's eastern flank on Wednesday to show support for their security after Moscow suspended a landmark nuclear arms control treaty.

Russia gains ground in Ukraine

Russia said on Wednesday it had broken through two fortified Ukrainian defence lines on the eastern front, with Kyiv describing conditions there as difficult and Western allies announcing more military aid including artillery rounds.

US will not send M1 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine

The US will not send M1 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing officials.

New Russian offensive in Ukraine, warns NATO Secretary General

The West needs to brace for a protracted conflict between Ukraine and Russia, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday, insisting that arms shipments to Kiev must continue.

America’s F-35 fighter jets have been grounded

America’s F-35 fighter jets have reportedly come under new scrutiny after a crash earlier this month at a base in Texas raised safety concerns about the aircraft, prompting the grounding of some planes for an investigation.

US weapons sales to NATO states nearly doubled in 2022

US weapons sales to NATO states nearly doubled in number and value in 2022, Foreign Policy magazine reported on Thursday. With the conflict in Ukraine draining European military stockpiles, the top US arms merchants have all seen their share prices skyrocket.

Chinese jet in close encounter with US aircraft over South China Sea

A Chinese jet flew dangerously within 20 feet (six meters) of a much larger US air force surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea, the US military said Thursday.

Russia and China complete joint naval exercises

The Russian and Chinese militaries have finished a week of joint naval exercises, during which the two sides practiced anti-submarine maneuvers, search and rescue operations and communications exercises in the East China Sea.

US military sensitive data found on eBay

A German computer club purchased several biometric capture devices on eBay and found that they still contained fingerprints, iris scans, photographs and descriptions of thousands of people who interacted with the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the New York Times.