UN warns that unchecked AI threat to human life

AI and machine-learning algorithms now reach “into almost every corner of our physical and mental lives and even emotional states,” Bachelet said the tech has the potential to be “a force for good,” but could also have “negative, even catastrophic, effects.

Pak Navy inducts first modern long range maritime patrol jet

The newly inducted twin-engine jet aircraft is a variant of Brazilian-built state-of-the-art Embraer Jet aircraft globally utilized in air operations.

Qatar gets F-15QA fighters from Boeing following 2017 regional feud

Boeing has presented its new version of the F-15 fighter, the F-15QA, for the Qatari Air Force. The Middle Eastern Nation agreed to buy this “most advanced F-15 thus far” following a political dispute with its neighbors including Saudi Arabia, UAE and others.

Pakistan registers record defence exports worth Rs 60 bln: Report

Rolling out of indigenously manufactured Al-Khalid Tanks also completed at the 1/3rd cost of the international market

India expands its military bases in the Indian Ocean?

According to reports, India is building a military facility in Agalega, Mauritius to challenge Chinese expansionism. Although the government has denied such claims but the $250m investment seems to say otherwise.

Pakistan to launch most advanced warships on Independence Day

Pakistan Navy has acquired four Turkish corvettes to enhance its maritime capabilities. The corvettes will be flaunted on 14th August, which will also be a symbolic moment for Pakistan-Turkey relations.

IAF to acquire 36 more Rafale Fighter Jets from France

France to deliver more fighter jets to India as IAF faces shortage in Aircrafts. The controversial deal still labelled as India’s biggest corruption scandal.

Third Chinese advanced warship launched for Pakistan Navy

Successful cooperation on these naval deals is proof of Pak-China all-weather ties. These additions are likely to enhance Pakistan’s current combat power and further deepen maritime cooperation between the two countries.

22nd martyrdom anniversary of Havaldar Lalak Jan

The Nation remembers one of the bravest men in Pakistan’s history whose heroics have left an everlasting mark. Pakistan salutes Havaldar Lalak Jan for his sacrifice!

Nishan-e-Haider: Tales of Sacrifices

Three Nishan-e-Haider recipients attained martyrdom in July, Captain Muhammad Sarwar, Captain Karnal Sher Khan, and Havaldar Lalak Jan; their bravery and valor keep them in the country's consciousness and their memories remain a source of inspiration for future generations. Long Live a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan!

The HIT: More than just tanks

Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one single step! Following the advice of philosopher Lao Tzu, Pakistan and China initiated limited joint defense production in July 1971. This sapling has now blossomed into the sprawling Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) that has become the country's backbone to meet indigenous needs. On its 50th Anniversary, Chairman HIT, Maj. Gen. Aamir Raza reminiscences on the history and evolution of HIT and its vision ahead.

Pakistan Army commissions first 42 VT-4 tanks to secure the Indian border

Pakistan commissions the VT-4 battle tanks of Chinese origin. Pakistan Army is set to armory capacity. Chinese state-owned armored vehicle manufacturer, Norinco, produced and...