A smart agitation in Pakistan

The Iranian revolution, like the Bolshevik revolution before it, was anarchy that created a vacuum, and the forces opposed to the Shah ultimately filled this vacuum. The Islamists, being the most organized force, seized power.

How South Korea knows that extended deterrence doesn’t work?

Yoon Suk-yeol, the incumbent president of South Korea, has advocated and aims to pursue a ‘peace through strength’ policy, unlike previous administrations which were more inclined toward a tread with caution approach.

Rethinking the deterrence stability in the Asia-Pacific

The regional states that include China, India, Australia, Japan, and Pakistan are primary stakeholders in restoring the status-quo of deterrence stability with no maritime militarization, extended deployments against regional powers and active confrontations

Bangladesh-India mango diplomacy

As Bangladesh PM has been practicing and showing her liberal neighborhood mindset towards India, particularly through 'Hilsa-Mango' diplomacy, it is India's especially West Bengal's Mamata Banerjee should show such kind of proactive reactions.

Russia Ukraine Crisis: Why Russia?

Russia's account surplus hit $58.2 billion in the first quarter (Jan-march) of 2022. This is a three-decade high as compared with $22.5 billion in the same period last year. Though Russian exports have plunged, the Ruble has skyrocketed. But how?

Why freelancing is the best way to beat unemployment?

The main reasons for this are population inflation and lack of sources of employment. While other reasons include bribery and recommendation, lack of seriousness of students, defects in academic standards, focus on obtaining a single certificate.

Afghanistan crisis: Let’s invest in humanity!

Future plans include the establishment of a Nursing and Allied Health Science College by the University of Lahore. Furthermore, Pakistan is also assisting Afghanistan in capacity building in the fields of agriculture, banking, railways and military

Clangs over Agnipath scheme: A living miracle?

Indian Air Force Recruitment through the Agneepath Yojana 2022 starts today, June 24, 2022, as per the official notification. The Indian Air force released a notice of important dates for those interested in applying to the Indian Air Force under the Agneepath Scheme.

US-China strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific

The US is expanding its influence in the Indo-Pacific region in various forms and dimensions. Its ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’ is aimed at countering China. In this regard, the RAA is also in line with the QUAD and AUKUS arrangements and are all well-calculated signals to contain China.

Hope in and for Pakistan

The country's politics is in turmoil, and its people are divided along political lines. The father-son duo has been unable to cope with the economic situation, which has worsened considerably over the past few weeks.

The linkage between the US military bases and Pakistan’s prosperity

Despite the US military and economic aid to Pakistan in return for granting military bases, and use of Pakistan's airspace for overt and covert military operations, including drone attacks, Pakistan remains a basket case.

CPEC and it’s significance for Balochistan

Over the last four decades, China has pulled eight hundred million people out of poverty with its continuous macroeconomic and political stability along with rural development programs and its open-door policy.