The plight of migrant smuggling and human trafficking

Large national multi-media campaigns, the use of celebrities, newspaper articles, social media, radio discussions, SMS campaigns, drama/theatre, diaspora organizations, etc. can be useful in this regard.

US trump card in Gulf geopolitics: Capacity-enhancing security cooperation

The litmus test for the US approach is likely to be Chinese arms sales to the kingdom. Saudi Arabia has, so far, in contrast to the UAE, limited its Chinese purchases to items the United States has refused to sell, primarily drones and missiles.

Operation Swift Retort: A morning that redefined Indo-Pak conflict

The probability of conventional military hardware such as artillery and armor playing a crucial role in the future Indo-Pakistan conflict is very low, if not completely out of question, because of the nuclear overhang.

Pakistan: A responsible nuclear state

Pakistan’s nuclear safety and security mechanism evidently meet the merit of the IAEA. It incorporates international standards to promote well-being not only in the region but across the globe.

NATO’s intervention in Libya and its consequences

In late 2011 after the NATO bombardment had ceased, Libya's UN human development ranking had already fallen 11 places to 64th. By 2019, Libya's position had plummeted to 110th.

Why Imran Khan’s life is at greater risk after Rajanpur elections?

Elections, in a tribal area where historical loyalties matter and where a PMLN-controlled caretaker government tried its level best to influence the outcome has proved once again that the Imran Khan wave remains unstoppable

Revisiting Operation Swift Retort

Pakistan rejected the Indian claim and said that the PAF did not suffer any losses in the dogfight. One IAF Mil Mi-17 helicopter was also lost due to a friendly fire incident.

Protests have brought Iran’s ethnic minorities & Persian majority closer

Most Iranians once gave little thought to the peripheral ethnic minority areas of their country, but that has changed since the killing of Mahsa Amini

Sustainable water management in Pakistan’s textile industry

In order to tackle the enduring challenges, the emerging water stewards of the textile industry must come forward to support the SME sector build its capacity to comply with the mounting global environmental standards.

Evolving geopolitical dynamics and the nuclear non-proliferation regime

Once a nuclear-power reactor is installed in the submarine, the provided material becomes part of non-proscribed military activity and IAEA loses its mandate for verification over such nuclear material.

The Rothschild & Co arrives in Pakistan

Rothschild & Co is a multinational investment bank and financial company, and the flagship of the Rothschild banking group controlled by the French and British branches of the Rothschild family.

Women and Climate Change: A Perspective from Pakistan

Pakistan has a population of over 224 million, with almost 50 % share of women, and mostly the population is settled in rural areas; these areas are highly prone to climate change.