Where There is Oppression, There Will Be Resistance

The article discusses ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas, detailing the conflict's origins and the blame placed on Hamas.

Hamas’ Game-Changing Attack on Israel

The piece considers the reactions of various regional players, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Turkey, shedding light on the complex dynamics of the Middle East.

Caste cannot be Abolished by Laws

Legal measures alone cannot eliminate caste discrimination; a broader societal transformation and struggle are essential for lasting change.

Tribute to Imran Khan on His 71st Birthday

Imran Khan, a symbol of hope for democracy in Pakistan, celebrates his 71st birthday today in his prison cell.

Resumed Hearing Before Pakistan Supreme Court

Pakistan's Supreme Court is reviewing changes to bench allocation, sparking concerns about judicial independence.

Middle East Diplomacy and Power Play

In the complex landscape of Middle East diplomacy, the potential normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, coupled with enhanced US security commitments to the Gulf region, emerges as a pivotal game-changer.

In Defense of Bushra Bibi

The author highlights the need for compassion and fairness in our judgments of public figures and their spouses.

Eid Milad un Nabi

The celebration of Eid Milad un Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, is a subject of controversy among Muslims.

Navigating the AI Revolution: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Imperatives

Are we ready for the ethical, societal, and economic ramifications? Are the worst fears in science fiction going to come true? Aliens have already been confirmed; why not bring some more ideas to life?

Newton’s Third Law

Partition aimed to prevent a united India from becoming a formidable industrial rival to the West, as China has become.

Legacy and Choices: The Lives of Pakistan’s Political Leaders

Legacy and Choices: The Lives of Pakistan's Political Leaders" delves into the compelling narratives of pivotal figures who have left an indelible mark on Pakistan's political landscape.

A Perspective on the Constitutional Balance: The Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023

The article questions the constitutionality of Pakistan's Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023, focusing on the power to form court benches.