Back to the Future: Tracing the roots of China-Pakistan cooperation

220 million Pakistanis are only 11 percent of the nearly two billion strong Islamic civilization. China Pakistan cooperation, therefore, is not between two entire civilizations, rather it is a cooperation between one whole civilization under one state and a small but important part of Islamic civilizations.

Understanding Hustle Culture: A blessing or a curse?

Over the years, overworking has been modernized into what we know today as hustle culture by various self-help books you see on the shelves of bookstores, social media, and even through famous entrepreneurs. So, will hustle culture ever end? It’s quite hard to say

Emerging challenges and opportunities for Gwadar and CPEC

Gwadar offers various investment opportunities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Recently, Saudi Arabia has shown interest in the establishment of an oil refinery at Gwadar. As the security situation and the image of the country will continue to get better.

The Middle East rush to bury hatchets: Is it sustainable?

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan brings to mind the American withdrawal from Vietnam, after which Southeast Asia and the Middle East fretted about the possibility of the United States walking away from its commitments.

MQM-Pakistan beaten by Sindh Police, will it solve issues of Karachi?

MQM-Pakistan, like other parties, had been protesting against the Sindh Local Government Act 2021. However, no serious attempts had been made by the Sindh government to engage with the protestors.

Post-Covid world: A mental health bandwagon

The period of pre-post COVID-19 evolved the need to reshape the psychological and psychiatric needs of individuals. It is important to comprehend the critical patients of COVID-19 along with post-stress disorders with the stable forum of pandemic management.

India: From Republic to Rashtra?

The drive of vigilantism and violence by supporters of Hindutva has resulted in the erasure of the secular democratic values and even compromised the sovereign monopoly on the violence of the state. A minority rights group in India reported more than 300 attacks on Christians.

Re-examining judicial appointments conundrum

In a country that last year ranked third from the bottom in terms of male-female parity, the Judicial Commission of Pakistan’s vote in her favor can also be seen as a step towards gender equality in the highest echelons of the judiciary itself.

Why Pakistan needs to focus on its presidential and parliamentary system?

Talk of a presidential system recurs at fairly regular intervals and is supported by the usual suspects who blame parliamentary democracy and not the mal intent and incompetence of those running it for the failure of governance.

Durand line and the nascent Taliban regime

The realignment of borders on historic grounds in the present era would do no good except for jeopardizing the whole current international order and would only cause chaos and confusion. Both countries have been in the vicious cyclical loop of border disputes

How the international community has realized the real face of India?

Kashmiris are observing the Indian republic day as a black day as the hardliner PM Modi-led Indian government continues violating all international norms and commitments by scrapping special status of the internationally-acknowledged disputed status of Jammu Kashmir.

Why electronic voting machines cannot be used in elections?

The election commission of Pakistan took a logistic step with a view that offenses under the existing law have to be made compatible with the new technology if EVMs are to be used. The Prime minister must be careful about those flatters advisors and yes men who are misleading.