Mitigating the climate change conundrum

This time, the world is about to witness the upcoming COP27, which will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This will be a mirror image of the resumption of the yearly conference on climate change.

Has Pakistan forgotten the concept of democracy?

The debt Pakistan has incurred is terribly high, hampering its ability to boost its reserves. The state has debt and liabilities worth Rs 53.5 trillion,  including the debt of Rs 23.7 trillion under the PTI government.  

Guarantor of peace in Pakistan

Pakistan is located in a region that is constantly impacted by the rivalries of regional and major powers such as China and India border disputes, the China-US trade war and Russia and the US political tensions, etc.

Ukrainian army endangers civilians

Amnesty International researchers witnessed Ukrainian forces using hospitals as de facto military bases in five locations. In the two cities, dozens of soldiers rested and ate in hospitals.

How rising short-term fuel oil prices are the first line of defence?

Considering the uptrend of fuel oil prices in the global market, several countries of the world including those in Bangladesh’s neighborhood, are regularly adjusting the price of fuel oil.

Are the history books telling the truth about Mashriqi, Jinnah, & Gandhi?

Because of the enmity that exists between Pakistan and India, huge sums of money have been spent on building arms, including a nuclear arsenal. And poverty in the region continues to be widespread.

The marriage obsession in Pakistan

We have become a nation, generally speaking, totally obsessed with marriage and one's ability to procreate. While the restrictions and expectations do not fall upon the male side, the females have been constricted by the idea of marriage for far too long.

Sipah-e-Salar economic model in Pakistan – Dr. Farid A. Malik

National interests have to be kept supreme. The people have to be served through their genuinely elected leaders. Sipah-e-Salar type shortcuts do not work nor should they be tried again - opines Dr. Farid A. Malik in a hard-hitting piece!

UN police doctrine – Lessons for Pakistan?

The coercive legal power of a state is exercised through the police; in the arena of international affairs, however, there has been a gradual...

Solutions to Pakistan’s political imbroglio

The politics of revenge, opposition, ego, and stubbornness have shaken the very roots of the country. The economic and political crisis seems to have no signs of end given the polarized and selfish nature of the leaders - writes Abdul Rahman Malik.

Saudi Arabia – Next mega player in international sports?

Mr. Bin Salman’s vision of Saudi Arabia as the world’s latest top-of-the-line winter sports destination attracts headlines but has yet to be proven as a concept - opines Dr. James M. Dorsey, an award-winning journalist.

The mafia operating in Punjab – Dr. Farid A. Malik

Some structural changes may be needed to deliver relief to the public which has been long denied. Civilized nations operate under the ambit of law and constitution in which 'Gullu Butts' should have no role - writes Dr. Farid A. Malik in a hard-hitting piece.