People of Pakistan are beneficiary of CPEC and custodian too

The international community watched with concern as the country grappled with these challenges. However, amid adversity, a transformative initiative was launched that would alter Pakistan's trajectory and usher in a new era of prosperity.

The Judgment that Almost Cost Me My Job

A high-stakes legal battle unfolds as Justice Katju challenges caste-based reservations in the fields of science and technology.

Arab and Muslim leaders put limited influence and differences on display

Arab states returned Mr. Al-Assad to the Arab fold as part of their effort to reduce regional tensions and ensure they don’t spin out of control. The Arab League suspended Syria in 2011 at the beginning of the civil war.

Does Foreign Investment Help an Underdeveloped Country?

The article contrasts the push for economic progress through openness with the argument for protecting domestic industries.

Gaza war drowns out sane voices

Hamas political bureau member Moussa Abu Marzouk confirmed Hamas’ attitude in an October 30 interview with Russia Today’s Arabic channel.

Israel in Gaza: No good options

An Israeli foreign ministry’s options paper suggested that doubts about the Authority and the Authority’s concerns could be addressed by a multinational force and a US-led contact group that would help the Authority govern the Strip.

Mass Shooting: Psychosocial Dynamics

This author covers mass shooting factors, including mental health and media influence, and suggests five prevention steps.

Palestine – Nemisis of Islamic Character

The Palestinian problem is primarily a Muslim problem where the world stands by watching benignly as a whole Muslim Community is decimated.

Malaysian Prime Minister Walks a Tightrope on Hamas Support

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim faces a challenging balancing act as he grapples with public support for Palestinians, including Hamas, amidst growing criticism of his government's ties with the militant group.

Jumping Rats: Politicians Abandoning the ‘Sinking’ Ship of PTI

Politicians in Pakistan are leaving Khan's PTI, similar to rats leaving a sinking ship during a period of political turmoil and mass arrests.

Nawaz Sharif’s Return

The return of former PM Nawaz Sharif on October 21st is seen as the potential spark to ignite change in Pakistan's political landscape.

Indian Supreme Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Recognition

The Indian Supreme Court rejected same-sex marriage recognition petitions, upholding legislative responsibility and judicial restraint.