Pakistan’s nuclear hero, A.Q khan dies at 85

Pakistan's nuclear hero A.Q khan dies at 85. His services for transforming Pakistan into the world's first Islamic nuclear power and enabling the country to attain nuclear deterrence against India are laudable.

Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 to be inaugurated by President Alvi

Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 to be inaugurated by President Alvi offers an insight into immense investment opportunities in Pakistan along with inspiring the world on topics including climate sustainability, tree plantation and renewable and clean energy solutions.

Looming energy crisis in Pakistan

The PTI government’s criminal negligence is costing the national exchequer billions of rupees annually due to last minute purchase of LNG. The pattern has been the same since the Imran Khan led party took the reins of the country in 2018.

PM Khan’s UNGA speech making waves at home and abroad

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the military and intelligence agencies for their role in Pakistan’s fight and unprecedented success against domestic terrorism. He called out the West for blaming Pakistan for their failure in Afghanistan and advised them to analyze their failed strategy.

Pakistan’s abysmal performance on renewable energy production

The Asian Development Bank released its validation report of Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Development Sector (REDSI) programme on Saturday, September 25th. The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) of the ADB has declared the REDSI programme for Pakistan as unsuccessful, irrelevant and ineffective but sustainable.

Kamyab Pakistan Programme approved for submission before the cabinet

Kamyab Pakistan Programme is set to be approved by the federal cabinet. The Pakistani premier has always stated that protecting and elevating economically vulnerable segments of the Pakistani populace remains is the topmost priority of his government.

Government revenues growing by an unprecedented 45%: Shaukat Tarin

In a press conference on Wednesday, the finance minister informed the nation regarding the economic performance of the PTI government, and the steps being taken to control inflation in the country. He maintained that Pakistan’s economy was performing well and is on its way to recovery.

We will win through govt performance not development funds: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan signed two-year performance agreements with his cabinet ministers, to rationalize performance targets for the ministries. The earlier trials for the system have proven to be quite effective for the ministries’ performance.

HBL and Indus motor company enter strategic alliance

The Habib Bank Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indus Motor Company Ltd. This alliance will facilitate Islamic Banking customers and highlight the distribution channel of windows that will cater to customer needs.

India exposed: “American F-15 jet flying in Wales”, not Pak F-15 in Afghanistan

The UK Defence Journal website has exposed India's false claims that a so-called F-15 jet flying in Afghanistan was from Pakistan was actually American F-15 flying in Wales. The independent website turned down their allegations on "Pakistan's full-fledged invasion of Afghanistan".

CCI approves IGCEP model to allow efficient usage of electricity

Council of Common interest has approved Indicated Generation Capacity Expansion Plan model allowing efficient use of electricity in Pakistan. Minister of Energy claimed that if such a model had been put in place in the past, Pakistan would have avoided many problems including the high circular debt that the power sector faces today.

A historical account from Khem Karan in 1965 war

Indo-Pak war of 1965 is globally known for its tank battles, largest ones after WWII, and one of such events happened in Khem Kharan. A Twitter user shared an account of how an Indian CO Lt. Colonel Anant Singh became POW in Pakistan.