How Pakistan & Qatar are spearheading a mission for Afghanistan

Qatar and Pakistan are actively involved in ensuring peace in Afghanistan as well as developing better bilateral relationships in the region in order to collectively grow and prosper both economically and socially.

PM Khan welcomes ‘Fly Jinnah’ Pakistan’s new low-cost airline

Fly Jinnah is a new low-cost carrier which is the result of Joint Venture between the Middle Eastern low-cost carrier Air Arabia and a Pakistani Conglomerate Lakson Group. Prime Minister Khan welcomed Air Arabia to Pakistan and said that the PTI government is committed to the uplift of the travel and tourism sector of the country.

“China to takeover Bagram Air Base” claims Nikki Haley

In an interview, Nikki Haley expressed her concerns that China might take over the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. She also added that although America is out of Afghanistan, the war is not over yet.

PTI govt drum up strategy to get out of UK Red List

Cabinet decides to discuss Pakistan’s coronavirus testing mechanism with the United Kingdom’s chief medical scientist as Pakistan hopes to get out of the red list.

500 complaints, 3 months- Gender Protection Unit Islamabad thrives

ASP Amna Baig informed that these complaints were registered at toll-free helpline 8090, adding, 25 percent of these complaints were reported from neighborhood.

Pakistanis going to Saudi Arabia stranded in Kenya

More than 100 people who took a connecting flight from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia through Kenya Airways have been stranded in Nairobi after Riyadh authorities stopped them due to travel restrictions.

Hekmatyar warns India against its role in Afghanistan

In an exclusive interview with APP, the former Afghan commander said initial talks about the formation of a new government had been started here after the Doha peace agreement.

Pakistan to ask Taliban to take action against TTP

Zahid Hafeez has openly declared that Pakistan has expressed their reservations to Afghanistan on terrorist activities taking place from Afghan soil especially by TTP.

Pakistan slams India for faking image as a champion against terrorism

Pakistan has deplored India’s attempt to project itself as a champion against international terrorism, as it did in the UN Security Council on Thursday,...

Taliban and Al-Qaeda: A bond unbroken?

Abu Omar Khorasani was taken from Kabul’s Pul-i-Charkhi prison and unceremoniously shot. The first and only person to have been executed since the Taliban gained...

US combat helis disperse Afghan civilians from runway

On Monday, advanced combat Apache helicopters were put in use to disperse panic-ridden Afghan masses from the tarmac at Kabul airport. With chaos enveloping...

Qureshi says Pakistan facilitating Kabul evacuation as CJP showers praise

In a press briefing today, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi shared that Pakistan is fostering a positive role by facilitating safe evacuation amidst current...