India’s cricket head coach regards Imran Khan as ‘the greatest of all times’

India’s head coach Ravishankar Shastri praised Imran Khan in his recently published book. According to Shastri, not only was Imran Khan a brilliant captain, but was also the best all-rounder from that era.

Police seize the vehicle of driver drifting in Islamabad

After the complaint from a Twitter user, Islamabad Police responded by apprehending the vehicle that was used to drift on the roads of D12 Islamabad.

Food delivery boy in tears after robbery

A food delivery boy got robbed in Lahore’s Batapur area. People passing by reported the incident to police as the delivery boy got teary eyed for losing his valuables. Better insurance laws need to be implemented to overcome such incidents.

Ashok Swain questions why India not talking with Pakistan

Ashok Swain has questioned why India cannot talk to Pakistan if they can talk to Taliban after India held its first formal meeting with the Taliban on Tuesday.

Cyclists raise £50k for mosque in England

A group of cyclists have raised £50k for the construction of a mosque in their area. The cyclists have been applauded by the people for their heroic efforts and donations.

Pakistanis demand security & justice for Umm-e-Rubab

Umm-e-Rubab survived a car accident that was allegedly staged. She has been fighting for justice for the murder of her father, uncle and grandfather and currently her life is in danger.

Dubai Expo 2020: Pakistani artist to showcase world’s largest Holy Quran

As the Dubai Expo 2021 is happening after the postponement of much awaited Dubai Expo 2020, Pakistani artist Shahid Rassam is to showcase a part of world’s largest Holy Quran. Rassam is an award-winning artist with similar works to his name before as well.

3 Pakistani students in Australia commit suicide

3 Pakistani students commit suicide after Australian Education Minister blocks Pakistani students from entering the country due to covid-19 restrictions. Foreign Minister of Pakistan asked to raise the issue with Australian officials.

KPK exempts Sikh community from wearing helmets ?

The traffic police chief of Peshawar, KPK has exempted the Sikh bike riders from wearing a helmet since they cover their head with turbans and cannot remove it for religious reasons. But there is a solution for it.

IHC refers TikTok ban issue to federal Cabinet

IHC has directed authorities to seek help from federal cabinet about the policy on Tiktok ban. Court also warns PTA on summoning their chairman if orders are not implemented properly.

PM Imran Khan pays homage to firefighter who died in Chitral’s forest fire

PM Imran Khan calls the martyred forester Jamshid Iqbal hero for fighting in the line of duty in a forest fire. Pakistan continues its battle against climate change as UNICEF and UN warn of further destruction.

Fans heartbroken as Messi quits FC Barcelona

The 21-year partnership between Messi and Barca has reportedly ended due to financial constraints. Twitter has a meltdown as netizens all over the world are shocked over the news.