Elon Musk’s anti-trans tweets spark debate on responsible platform policies

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Twitter, finds himself at the center of a firestorm of controversy following a series of tweets containing anti-trans...

WhatsApp unveils screen sharing and message editing for android

WhatsApp's Android beta users rejoice as new features, including screen sharing and message editing, elevate communication to new heights.

WhatsApp introduces translucent tab bar for a stylish experience

WhatsApp's upcoming update is a translucent tab bar that brings modernity and elegance to the messaging app's interface.

WhatsApp introduces new message editing feature

WhatsApp finally introduces message editing feature, allowing users to correct mistakes and modify sent messages with ease.

Navigating blasphemy laws in the digital age: The case of Lina Mukherjee

An Indonesian Influencer Lina Mukherjee gets jailed for up to five years, accused of blasphemy in her latest video.

Twitter goes from microblogging to an ‘Everything App’ under Elon Musk

Elon Musk's bold vision reshapes Twitter, revolutionising video capabilities and raising anticipation among users and advertisers.

One-of-its-kind gift watch of Cristiano Ronaldo has 388 gemstones

Ronaldo has signed a deal believed to be worth more than 200 million euros. The 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo penned a contract that will take him to June 2025.

Elon Musk looking for a new CEO for Twitter

Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk is looking for a new chief executive to lead the company after the platform’s users voted for him to resign, CNBC reported on Tuesday, citing its sources.

Twitter could face ban

The EU has warned Elon Musk that Twitter could face ban unless its strict rules on content moderation are followed, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

Facebook’s parent company uncovers US military-linked propaganda campaign

Facebook’s parent company Meta has acknowledged the discovery of several clusters of fake accounts and pages believed to be linked to individuals “associated with the US military,” according to the company’s latest adversarial threat report published this week.

Twitter employees quit en masse after Elon Musk’s ultimatum

Hundreds of Twitter employees resigned Thursday ahead of Elon Musk's 5 p.m. ET deadline in which the social media company's new CEO demanded an "extremely hardcore" cultural reset with more work and longer hours.

Social media restricts Kanye West accounts over anti-Semitic posts

Instagram and Twitter said they have restricted the accounts of US rapper Kanye West over posts slammed as anti-Semitic.