Meta’s watermelon cupcake controversy 

This incident is part of a larger pattern of discontent among Muslim and Arab employees at Meta and other tech companies.

WhatsApp rolls out voice message transcriptions to Android beta

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature in its Android beta app, version, which allows users to transcribe voice messages.

WhatsApp introduces new context cards for group invites

By displaying the inviter’s details and the group’s information, users can better assess whether the group is safe and relevant to join.

WhatsApp introduces AI-generated selfie feature

WhatsApp's focus on personalized images sets it apart, potentially redefining how users engage with the app.

Threads soars to 175 million users

Analysts like Jasmine Enberg from eMarketer argue that Threads’ lack of distinctive character could hinder its long-term success.

Meta lifts blanket ban on the term “shaheed”

The Board's findings highlighted that the term "shaheed" has multiple meanings, many of which do not glorify or promote violence.

WhatsApp just made event planning so much easier

Meta-owned WhatsApp, the world's leading messaging platform with over two billion users, is once again expanding its functionality.

WhatsApp to introduce default High-Definition photo sharing feature

This move follows a similar update from last year when WhatsApp introduced an option for sending videos in HD.

WhatsApp enhances group call experience with major updates

One of the most notable updates is the expansion of video call support to accommodate up to 32 participants across all devices.

Elon Musk confirms X will hide like reactions on posts

Musk explained the change by resharing a post on X, stating, "Important to allow people to like posts without getting attacked for doing so."

WhatsApp introduces major updates to enhance voice call experience

WhatsApp is set to revolutionize the voice calling experience for its Android users with a series of innovative updates.

WhatsApp working to enhance AI capabilities

The latest additions, currently available in beta versions, are set to revolutionize how users create and share content within the app.