WhatsApp working to enhance AI capabilities

The latest additions, currently available in beta versions, are set to revolutionize how users create and share content within the app.

Elon Musk vs WhatsApp: The latest controversy

The claim, posted on Musk’s platform X, has ignited a heated debate over the security and privacy practices of the popular messaging app.

WhatsApp introduces new voice note and video status features

This feature is available to users who have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android platforms.

WhatsApp’s new beta update brings enhanced reaction and reply features

Previously, WhatsApp had introduced a preview function for pinned messages and options to obscure community group discussions.

WhatsApp to introduce feature to reset unread message count

This feature is currently under development for the Android version of the app, as reported by WABetaInfo.

Meta integrates AI chatbot into WhatsApp web

The integration of Meta AI into WhatsApp web marks a significant shift in how digital communication is conducted.

WhatsApp testing customization features for iOS users

WhatsApp is testing a beta version that allows users to customize the main color palette of the app as well as the colors of chat bubbles.

WhatsApp introduces enhanced channel management for linked devices

This time, the focus is on enhancing channel management for linked devices, offering users unprecedented flexibility and convenience. 

TikTok takes lead in AI transparency with new labeling initiative

By implementing labeling mechanisms and prioritizing user education, TikTok sets a precedent for responsible AI usage in the digital age.

WhatsApp innovates audio call bar

WhatsApp's new audio call bar represents a game-changing enhancement in the world of digital communication.

WhatsApp rolls out major update for iPhone users

With a range of new features and improvements, WhatsApp continues to be a leading choice for millions of users worldwide.

WhatsApp temporarily introduces account restriction feature

Upon detecting policy violations, automated tools will temporarily suspend offending users from initiating new chats.