Former PTI MNA’s Son Abducted by Bajaur Police

Former PTI lawmaker accuses Bajaur police of raiding his home, taking his special needs son; police deny arrest.

PIA’s Financial Turbulence Eases as FBR Unfreezes Bank Accounts

PIA's financial turmoil eases as FBR unfreezes accounts, but challenges persist amid EASA scrutiny and calls for privatization.

Bollywood actress Rajshri Deshpande dedicates her award to Gaza

In her acceptance speech, she dedicated her award to the innocent civilians of Gaza who lost their lives in the incessant violence by Israel last month.

AI agents can function like personal assistants or synthetic employees

These innovative systems, functioning like personal assistants or "synthetic employees," possess the ability to autonomously make decisions.

China intensifies its repression of Muslim communities beyond the Xinjiang region

In the shadow of international debates over conflicts like the Gaza Strip, a different and largely overlooked crisis is unfolding in China.

WHO issues warning regarding Gaza’s health situation

They highlighted the immediate necessity of protecting the remaining capacity of the health system in this war-torn enclave.

Israeli forces kill two Palestinian boys in the Jenin refugee camp

Two Palestinian boys lost their lives during clashes between Israeli forces and residents in the Jenin refugee camp

Mediator Qatar confirms Israel-Hamas truce extended until Friday

Qatar has been engaged in intense negotiations, with support from Egypt and the United States, to extend the truce in Gaza, which was due to end on Thursday morning.

Judicial Oversight and Nawaz Sharif’s Acquittal

As legal experts call for introspection within the judiciary, the implications for ongoing cases, particularly involving key political figures like Imran Khan, become crucial.

Singapore, Zurich world’s most expensive cities – EIU

This is the ninth time in 11 years that Singapore topped the list, while Zurich jumped from its sixth-place ranking last year. 

US military aircraft suffers fatal crash in Japan

Authorities on the Island of Okinawa want the US’ V-22 Osprey fleet grounded after the incident

France bans government employees from WhatsApp

Cabinet members must use French messaging apps, which are supposedly more secure and private than mass-market alternatives