Nigeria mosque attack: Gunmen kill 18 worshippers

Gunmen have killed 18 worshippers at a mosque in central Nigeria, a government official said Tuesday, in the latest violence in the restive region.

Maintaining Law and order in Afghanistan: Another challenge for Taliban?

Afghanistan’s justice system is in a catastrophic state of disrepair. The majority of Afghans still have little or no access to judicial institutions. Judicial institutions have withered to near non-existence and the lack of justice has destabilized the country.

OLX Mall announces partnership with Finja

Finja Business portal will be used by OLX Mall for vendor management and disbursement of payments. OLX Mall aims to disrupt e-commerce of Pakistan.

An important message from Afghanistan!

The Taliban declared the restoration of their Islamic Emirate, days before the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks that sparked the U.S. invasion in Afghanistan. The new government places core hard-line leaders in top positions and excludes women and minorities

Right-wing extremists attack sets of Bobby Deol starrer Ashram

The attackers alleged that the Ashram series featuring Bobby Deol is a disrespect to the religion of Hindusim and its system of Ashram. The incident occurred on the second day of the shoots. The right-wing extremists also threw ink on the director of the series, Prakash Jha.

In which three areas Pakistan outperformed India, tells Asad Umar

In a tweet on Tuesday, he listed three areas in which Pakistan edged out India. Umar said that it all started with Pakistan’s armed forces giving a befitting reply to India on its violation of the airspace of Pakistan in 2019.

Why Turkey and Iran find soft power more difficult than hard power?

Dr. James M Dorsey, an award-winning scholar opines that neither Turkey nor Iran can afford the setbacks that often are the result of hubris. Both have bigger geopolitical, diplomatic, and economic fish to fry and are competing with Saudi Arabia and the UAE for Muslim world leadership.

Hurriyat leaders term October 27 darkest day

Terming October 27, 1947, a slur on the face of Indian democracy and a big question mark on the credibility, relevance, purpose and existence of the United Nations

What is the future of bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Iran?

Iran has close linguistic and cultural ties to Afghanistan, particularly with Tajiks, Persian-speaking Afghans in Herat Province, and the Hazara, a Shiite minority residing in central and northern Afghanistan. Iranian influence in this region runs deep; especially in the city of Herat.

Kane Williamson hopes no grudges between New Zealand and Pakistan

Addressing a press conference in Sharjah, he said that, Pakistan and New Zealand enjoy good relations and that the upcoming T20 World Cup match between two teams "will be played in right spirits."

Microsoft blames Russia for latest cyberattack

Microsoft said it had notified known victims of the latest attack. While it did not specify any of the organizations hit, it noted they included "victims of interest for intelligence gain".

How US stabbed Pakistan in the back? – (Part 2)

According to Asif Haroon Raja, a war veteran, the US is clearly upset by the growing rapport between Pakistan and the Taliban, they are trying their best to penalize both by using the tools of diplomatic isolation, economic war, proxy war, hybrid war and sanctions.