British Council organizes screening of “Pakistan Stories”

The British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Christian Turner said, on this event, film was a brilliant vehicle for telling stories and giving women voice.

Power crisis intensified: Are we heading towards stone age?

Failure to reach an agreement on natural gas supply for next month has intensified power shortages and consumers are going to suffer

‘Welcome Back Atif Aslam’ trends in India with song release Rangreza

"It's a really special song because it's his comeback song. It's Atif's hard work and 3 years of his fan's patience," says an Indian fan.

Mishal Malik: UN must take urgent action against inhuman steps in IIOJK

The world’s criminal silence over the Kashmir issue is posing serious threat to regional peace, she feared.

Russian journalist sells Nobel Peace Prize to help Ukrainian children

Muratov is the editor of the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. He has condemned the Kremlin’s war on Ukraine.

Prime Minister’s rationale behind ‘super tax’

Prime Minister explained his rationale behind ‘super tax’ on large-scale industries which created panic in the business community

How change has been stalled in Pakistan?

The fate of the 220 million Pakistanis hangs in the balance. In a world driven by technology only change is permanent which has been denied to the people in the land of the pure. The enemy is within, there is negativity in the system that must be removed

Cultus to get discontinued by Suzuki in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has reportedly decided to discontinue the Suzuki Cultus in Pakistan. According to a report by PakWheels, a source has told them that the company is going to discontinue one of their best-selling vehicles in the company months.

Adnan Siddiqui slammed for making indecent request to Angelina Jolie

Adnan Siddiqui had appeared with Angelina Jolie in the Hollywood movie 'A Mighty Heart' (2007).

A smart agitation in Pakistan

The Iranian revolution, like the Bolshevik revolution before it, was anarchy that created a vacuum, and the forces opposed to the Shah ultimately filled this vacuum. The Islamists, being the most organized force, seized power.

How South Korea knows that extended deterrence doesn’t work?

Yoon Suk-yeol, the incumbent president of South Korea, has advocated and aims to pursue a ‘peace through strength’ policy, unlike previous administrations which were more inclined toward a tread with caution approach.

PML-Q leadership takes internal altercations into the streets

“They can see that one (Salik) is travelling with police protocol while other (Moonis) is visiting courts to seek bail in fake cases.”