WhatsApp beta testing feature to restrict profile picture screenshots

WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature that would restrict other users from taking screenshots of users' profile pictures.

Philippine troops clash with Muslim militants in deadly gunbattle

Philippine troops engaged in a fierce gunbattle with Muslim militants, resulting in casualties on both sides.

WHO concerned over alarming surge in measles cases worldwide

There has been a staggering 79% increase in measles cases compared to the previous year, with over 306,000 cases documented in 2023.

X faces a nationwide shutdown amid political turmoil

Pakistan has witnessed a troubling trend of government-imposed social media blackouts, often triggered by the authorities' discomfort.

Israel to impose restrictions over access to Al-Aqsa in Ramadan

Israel, citing security needs, announced plans to impose restrictions on worshippers during this sacred time.

Arrest Warrant of Deputy commissioner issued in contempt of Court

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) took a stern stance on Tuesday by issuing non-bailable arrest warrants against Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon, who...

LHC Acquits Death Penalty Convict in Taxi Driver Murder Case

Lahore High Court acquits a death penalty convict in a murder case due to prosecution flaws and inconsistencies in witness testimonies.

Fentanyl Creeps into Mexico, Sparking Concerns

A teenager's case in Monterrey highlights the emerging presence of fentanyl in Mexico, fueling concerns of a potential opioid crisis.

Neuralink’s First Brain-Chip Patient Shows Full Recovery and Mind-Controlled Mouse Navigation

Elon Musk announces the successful recovery of Neuralink's first brain-chip patient, now able to control a computer mouse with thoughts.

Sana Javed trolled at cricket stadium in Multan

The video emerged on social media on Tuesday and is making waves on different platforms. 

Canada Donates 800 Drones to Aid Ukraine Against Russia

Canada pledges support to Ukraine by donating 800 drones for reconnaissance missions, reinforcing defense efforts against Russia.

American Muslims Persist in Legal Battle Against FBI Terror Watchlist

CAIR takes legal action against FBI's controversial watchlist, highlighting its negative impact on the Muslim community.