Global Hunger Crisis: 1 in 10 People Go to Bed Hungry Every Night

The revelation that one in ten people faces hunger every night serves as a stark reminder that hunger is a shared responsibility.

Desecration of holy books, places of worship is ‘unacceptable’: UN

'What we need is mutual respect,' says spokesman

Fukushima Water Release Decision

The IAEA's approval of plan for the release of radioactive water from Fukushima power plant into the ocean has triggered a global debate.

UN to hold talks with Taliban officials over women staff ban

Since seizing power in August 2021, the Taliban authorities have imposed a slew of restrictions on Afghan women, including banning them from higher education and many government jobs.

Founder of Afghan girls’ school project arrested in Kabul: UN

The Taliban government last year barred girls from attending secondary school, making Afghanistan the only country in the world where there is a ban on education.

UN marks International Day of Remembrance of Slave Trade

Millions of people were separated from their families and denied their human rights as a result of the enslavement of Africans during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

UN holds conference on water to address impending global disaster

In order to address the oncoming global catastrophe, the UN hosted its first water conference in nearly 50 years.

Cocaine smuggling and production at record levels: UN

According to a report from UNODC, global cocaine production has rebounded to all-time highs after dropping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Islamophobia ‘major threat to democracy,’: Turkish envoy to UN

Recent ‘attacks … against the Holy Quran,’ are ‘blatant displays of hatred, intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination’ Sedat Onal tells Islamophobia Day event

Quarter of humanity lives in areas hit by violent conflict: UN rights chief

War in Ukraine led to civilian casualties, destruction of ‘shocking magnitude,’ Volker Türk says

Poor countries call for debt revolution at UN summit

Western nations gave out more than $185 billion in grants and cheap loans in 2021, according to the OECD. Official development assistance is one of the pillars of the international financial system.

UN demands Russia withdraw from Ukraine

Coming on the eve of the first anniversary of the brutal war, support for Kyiv was little-changed from that of last October when 143 countries voted to condemn Russia's declared annexation of four Ukraine regions.