US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib introduces resolution to recognise Nakhba

US Congresswoman calls for recognising the forced expulsion of at least 750,000 Palestinians during Israel's establishment in 1948.

Abortion illegal as bill fails in U.S. Senate

With 49 votes in support and 51 against, the "Women's Health Protection Act" was 11 short of the 60 votes needed to be fully debated in the 100-member Senate.

Questioning the credibility of Pakistan’s election system

Muhammad Ayaz Khan thinks it has been a well-established reality that some leaders here have distorted the election system to advance their personal interests over the interests of the people and the state. This makes us question our faith in our system as it's getting exploited by the powerful.

Can Pakistan’s foreign policy planners rebuff the US after their misadventure in Afghanistan?

The United States is pulling out its forces, and those of its allies, from Afghanistan. This is happening after a futile war that lasted...

Did 9/11 attacks halt Bush’s plan of invasion in Afghanistan?

As George W. Bush entered the White House on 20 January 2001, having been granted a controversial election victory, his cabinet promptly drew up...

US carries out airstrikes in Afghanistan to support Kabul against Taliban

The United States (US) recently carried out airstrikes as it backed the Afghan army's bid to repel a Taliban offensive, the Pentagon said Thursday,...

US interests in post-exit Afghanistan can have serious implications!

Afrasiab Minhas, a defense analyst, explains the US’s post-exit strategic interests in Afghanistan, challenges in pursuance of those interests, and its geopolitical implications. He argues Afghanistan will no longer be a high priority issue for Western powers but for Pakistan it will remain a foreign policy challenge.

Lina Khan: Woman of Pakistani descent sworn in as chair of the FTC

Lina Khan, a progressive tech critic of Pakistani descent, was sworn in as chair of the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday, June 15.

Pakistan to provide military support to US as Mooed Yusuf meets counterpart

While Pakistan initially denied any military support to the US post the Afghan peace process, Washington just announced to the contrary.

Toyota reveals all-new “Beyond Zero” electric crossover SUV series

Toyota Motor Corporation announced a newly established Battery Electric Vehicles series (BEVs), with the unveiling of bZ4X crossover SUV on April 19 in Japan....

US-British policy of appeasing Mussolini’s rule

National debt in Benito Mussolini's Italy was growing year-on-year, while he placed the Italian economy increasingly on a war footing. "This military dilettante", as...

Dangerous precedent set by banning Trump, Twitter Chief

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey backed the messaging platform's ban of US President Donald Trump, but said Wednesday it sets a "dangerous" precedent and represents...