New US police abuses

New US police abuses: US braces for outpouring of anger over the weekend

The United States braced Friday for massive weekend protests against racism and police brutality, as outrage soared over new US police abuses that were...
Solidarity from Iraq

Solidarity from Iraq: “We want to breathe, too”

Seventeen years after US troops invaded their country and eight months since protests engulfed their cities, Iraqis are sending solidarity, warnings and advice to...
Biden clinches Democratic nomination

Biden clinches Democratic nomination for 2020 election against Trump

Joe Biden said on Friday he had secured the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination and face Donald Trump in November's US presidential...
Foreign interference in US elections

Foreign interference in US elections: Google raises alarm

Campaign staffs for both President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden have been targeted recently by foreign hackers, Google researchers said Thursday, highlighting...
Floyd death will not be in vain

Floyd death will not be in vain: Civil Rights leader

Hundreds of mourners joined an emotional memorial service in Minneapolis Thursday for George Floyd, the black man killed by police last week, as civil...
James Mattis

General James Mattis attacks Trump’s divisive politics

In a rare turn of events, Former Pentagon chief James Mattis issued a stinging rebuke of his erstwhile boss Donald Trump on Wednesday, accusing...
US foes capitalize on protests

US foes capitalize on protests raging across US

With US cities in flames over outrage about police brutality, nations that are usually on the receiving end of Washington's criticism on human rights...
Pompeo accuses China

Pompeo accuses China of muzzling Hong Kong

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accuses China of muzzling Hong Kong by preventing a vigil to mark the Tiananmen Square protests...
Afghan peace talks

Afghan peace talks: Zalmay Khalilzad is hopeful of a positive outcome

After more than 20 years of US involvement in Afghanistan, the US negotiator on Afghanistan voiced optimism on Monday that the Taliban and government...
US senator tweets against Floyd protests

US senator tweets against Floyd protests; suggests bringing in military

US Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas on Monday urged the use of military force against protestors who took the streets across the US....
US donates ventilators

US donates ventilators to Russia to even the score

The United States donates ventilators numbering 200 to help Russia in the coronavirus pandemic, turning the tables a week after a high-profile shipment by...
West bank annexation

West Bank annexation plan rejected by Turkey

Turkey’s presidential spokesman called on the international community Wednesday to take a stand against Israel's plan to annex the West Bank."We reject Israel's plan...
Child mortality

COVID-19 could cause 45% surge in child mortality in developing countries: UN

Deaths from preventable disease in children under five could rise by almost 45 per cent over the next six months as the COVID-19 pandemic...

Countries worst-hit by travel & tourism shutdown

There is not an industry in the world today, that has gone unscathed by the COVID 19 crisis. However, the travel and tourism industry's...
Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota RAV4 Prime 2021: Toyota’s most affordable SUV

Toyota is carrying on with its quest to achieve excellence in SUV making. This year it is adding a new RAV4 model to the...
Starlink Satellites

Elon Musk launches Starlink satellites to provide worldwide internet access

Starlink, SpaceX's internet connectivity constellation, is 6 months away. On the 23rd of April, CEO Tesla revealed his new plans to provide access to...
Cadillac Escalade 2021

Cadillac Escalade 2021 First Impression: Price and Specifications

The all-new Cadillac Escalade 2021 model is a perfect blend of class and comfort. This exquisitely designed vehicle has everything you can dream of....
2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe: Price and specifications

Automakers worldwide are racing to keep pace with the ever-changing onroad environment. Premium automobile company BMW recently launched an all-new 2020 model of 2-series...

Post-Corona World Order: Democratic or Authoritarian?

Fukuyama, in "End of History" had argued that western liberal world order has become the universal form of political government - but this liberal world order is fast crashing due to Corona Pandemic. A virus is destroying world order?

Global Tourism: Challenges post Covid-19 & Opportunities!

Sumaira Isaacs is CEO World Tourism Forum Institute and serves on Pakistan Prime Minister’s Task Force for Tourism, her piece brings a panoramic view of challenges industry has faced due to corona pandemic and the opportunities that lie ahead for the world. A Global View.

Imran Khan emerging as the leader of developing world

Pakistan' PM Imran Khan, by raising demand of debt relief has emerged as a leader of the developing world.

Time to congratulate Dictatorships worldwide?

President Xi is welcoming while President Trump is adamant. President Putin is indifferent while Prime Minister Johnson is admitted in a hospital. The world...
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez donates to NYC hospital where she was once treated

Selena Gomez is also now stepping in to contribute. After Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds discreetly dropped donations for four of New York's hardest-hit...

Is US exaggerating Coronavirus to contain Chinese growth?

An underlying theme behind the Western political and media focus on the coronavirus, is to damage and undermine China's international standing, the country where...

Communication is important for Pak-US ties: US Diplomat Alice Wells

Alice Wells, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, said that communication is important to strengthen relations between the...

Obama is responsible for the spread of corona-virus in US: Blames Trump

Donald Trump sought to shift blame on to the Obama administration for a nationwide corona-virus test kit shortage.The president on Wednesday blamed a federal agency...

Taliban Deal: Credit Zalmay Khalilzad & Mullah Baradar

Taliban-US deal came down largely to two Afghan men - one working for the US, the other for the militants. Their lives have been...
President Donald Trump

Donald Trump blasted Oscar’s Favorite South Korean movie ‘Parasite’

President Donald Trump on Thursday ridiculed the historic best-picture Oscar win for South Korean film “Parasite,” telling a campaign rally he wished for the...

Why Trump is Not Signing any Trade Deal with India

US President Donald Trump said he was unsure that he may sign a trade deal with India when he visits the country later this...
Afghan president

New Afghan President Presents Taliban Olive Branch For Peace

In Afghan Presidential elections, people have elected Ashraf Ghani once again. Soon after wining elections, AFGHAN President Ghani offered an olive branch to the...

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Once upon a Virus: Chinese state media makes fun of US

Chinese state media network, has released a video that mocks the United States' coronavirus response. It tries to 'expose' and belittle Trump Administration's claims...