Pro-Palestinian protests spread at US universities

It was the latest confrontation between law enforcement and students angry at the mounting death toll in Israel's war against Hamas.

Netanyahu called off retaliation strikes after speaking to Biden – NYT

The US president reportedly talked the Israeli prime minister out of military action against Iran

Trump reveals stance on abortion

The Republican presidential candidate has avoided making a federal policy pledge on the contentious issue

Earthquake shakes New York City

The 4.8-magnitude quake interrupted a session of the UN Security Council

‘Stop lying,’ Russia tells US

The current standoff with Moscow was the exclusive choice of the West, which has trampled on diplomacy, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov has claimed

Man arrested for punching several women in New York streets

Recently, women across New York City have reported attacks where they were approached by a stranger who punched them in the head or face.

Biden calls Putin ‘a butcher’

The Kremlin has previously said Americans should be ashamed of a president who indulges in such remarks

Trump hints he would deport Prince Harry

The presumptive Republican nominee has said his administration would take “appropriate action” if the British royal lied about using drugs

Support for LGBTQ protections declines in US – poll

A new survey has suggested that public backing for anti-discrimination measures has decreased for the first time since 2015

Realistic digital Marilyn Monroe to make debut at tech conference

More than 60 years after her death, Digital Marilyn - created with the help of artificial intelligence - will make her debut on Friday at the South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas.

I am ready to lead America – Kamala Harris

The vice president is eager to step in should the US President Joe Biden end up deemed unfit for the office

US names Yemen operation – CNN

The naming suggests a longer-term campaign against the Houthis, the outlet has said