Never caught on CCTV before: Robber shoots policeman in KP

Police encounters robber after robber opens fire at policeman.

Watch: Delhi autorikshaw drivers grow roof garden to beat heat

Karachi University bomber new video goes viral

New video of the girl who blew her up outside Karachi University goes viral

Watch: People flood out of Jhelum Jalsa venue

Video showing mammoth rallies outside PTI jalsa venue as people climb rooftops to listen Imran Khan speech.

Did Putin tell Imran Khan, his wife is Muslim? – Video

Putin told Imran Khan that his wife is a Muslim and Imran supposedly told this to Haroon Rasheed as seen in this video.

Who will get PTI tickets? Members to decide through Raabta App

PTI chairman Imran Khan urged people to join his party using the newly-launched "PTI Raabta" mobile application. Imran said his party wanted to make the most of modern technology, adding “through #PTIRaabtaApp."

Sri Lankan PM’s house set on fire (Video)

Sri Lankan Prime Minister's house set on fire as he resigned from the post. A less quoted fact about Sri Lanka is that President, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Irrigation are 4 brothers. Does this sound similar?

Is this why Lt Gen Muzammil resigned as WAPDA chair? (Video)

Lt Gen (R) Muzammil refused to give in to Shehbaz Sharif's order on Diamer Bhasha Dam. Watch the exchange between PM & WAPDA chair.

IMF praises Imran Khan’s Billion Tree project in latest video

IMF video shows that Pakistan's landscape has changed since the launch of Billion Tree Project as the country was facing high deforestation.

Video: Muslims attacked on Eid in Jodhpur

Violence erupted in Jodhpur on Eid day after Eid posters were replaced by Saffron flag by Hindutva groups.

Imran Khan says good ties with wife means happier life

Imran Khan talks to Shaan Shahid about affairs at home.

When a Tunisian family meets Palestinian in Kaba

A young Palestinian offers to help a Tunisian family take pictures. When they know that the photographer is from Palestine, in particular Gaza, a kind, spontaneous and touching act happens.