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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Celebrities join hands to support election campaign of Jibran Nasir

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Scores of celebrities have come together to support the election campaign of human right activist M. Jibran Nasir. He is contesting the elections independently for a consecutively second time from Karachi.

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Pakistani celebrities like Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha, Bushra Ansari are supporting Nasir’s election campaign ‘Hum mei se Ik’ on their respective social media accounts.



Other celebrities like Mira Sethi, Dino Ali, Maria Wasti, Kami Sid, Sarmad Khoosat, Anoushey Ashraf have pledged to vote for M. Jibran Nasir in this year’s elections.

  1. Jibran Nasir has expressed his excitement over being endorsed by notable celebrities of Pakistan entertainment industry. He while talking to media said “The campaign is about what I wish to bring to people. It’s about what I stand for and how I’ve conducted my activism for the last five years or so,” “This is just a teaser of the campaign. We have a song about it as well. It’ll be released either on Thursday or Friday.”

“Hum Mein Se Aik is about how ordinary I am; how I literally am for the people, for the people. My campaign doesn’t just have actors, it has activists and laborers. It’s about how these influential personalities are supporting me and my ideology for Pakistan. It’s about how I come from a very ordinary background, without any party affiliation or sources.”


“Since I am coming from the general public, as an independent candidate, I am sure people will find me relatable. We’re not making a cult, we’re just a group of people united for a better tomorrow,” Jibran said.

Earlier addressing a press conference after filing his nomination papers

Nasir reiterated that he stands for ideological politics and welfare of humanity is his utmost agenda.

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“Politics today has been restricted to personalities and cult following due to which public issues and ideological politics have taken a back seat. A glaring example is the fact that not only those who were elected MNA and MPA from my constituency but even the CM of this province has to order water tankers to meet requirements at their personal residence.

He believes to form a political party of like-minded people and gather the youth on his platform to transform the society.

“The youth of this country has the potential to change the political landscape of Pakistan and for that, we cannot afford to wait for opportunities. We need to believe in ourselves, take the initiative and create opportunities.”

Hence, M.Jibran Nasir has beefed up his election campaign and is seeking the endorsement of influential celebrities to win the election.