Charity cricket match turns into a Bat-Winging Battle

A charity cricket match being played to raise funds for medical help in Pakistan turned sore after a fight broke out between the players of the two teams. The fight is rumored to be amongst Pakistani and Afghan players.

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On 20th July, a cricket match being played in Maidstone, Kent in England turned into a fight between the two teams.

The match was being played to raise money for ‘Sharing for care’ an organization that helps people in need of medical care in Pakistan and the Heart of Kent Hospice.

However, towards the end of the match, the players became embroiled in a violent brawl. Videos of the incident surfaced on social media in which the players can be seen swinging bats at one another. A referee can also be seen trying to restore peace amongst the belligerents.

Shehzad Akram, the organizer of the event spoke to KentOnline and said “We tried our best for charity and these lunatics just spoiled it. At the end of the day, we were having the final match and it was the last couple of overs when some guys came on the pitch and attacked a few of the players.”

“I was a long way from it, but by the time I got close, they were still fighting and swearing at each other.”

“We are not happy – we will not tolerate this behavior.”

“I then told them it was a shame what they had done. Strict action must be taken against the players involved.”

“We won’t let these people go into the ground in the future — we know their faces and we can never take that risk again.”

The event was hosted by The Mote Cricket Club, which has distanced itself from the events that took place during the match and released a statement saying that they do not hold any responsibility for the behavior of anyone who rents the ground.

Police immediately arrived on the scene along with the ambulance and four people were treated for injuries, one of whom was taken to hospital. The real reason of the fight has still not been found.

In a statement given by the police, it was said that no arrests have been made and the investigation of the incident is ongoing.

Gravesend Cricket Club president Tim Hance has claimed that his team players had been treated unjustly and that those responsible for the chaos should be banned from fighting in the county.

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“We’re pushing everyone involved to make sure this isn’t brushed under the rug.”

According to witnesses, the fight broke out after some of the Afghan team players sledged Pakistani players that resulted in the chaotic end of the match.


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