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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Child rapists should be hanged publicly: National Assembly passes resolution

Adamant to curb sexual assaults of minors, NA passed a resolution for the death penalty and public execution of child rapists. The bill was passed with an overwhelming majority by NA in the face of disapproval by opposition members and two prominent cabinet ministers. Will such seemingly barbaric, medieval era, punishments help provide a deterrent? or the certainty of arrest, conviction and punishments is the real solution? Pakistan's Life Imprisonment is also only 14-15 years.

National Assembly passed a resolution to publicly hang the child rapists with an overwhelming majority. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Mohammad Khan, presented the bill on Friday. The bill called for the death sentence and public execution of the child rapists in the public.

The extreme punishment will deter potential predators and rapists from sexually abusing minors. Ali Mohammad Khan asserted that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted the public execution of child rapists.

Pakistan People’s Party disapproved of the resolution. Opposition leader, Raja Pervez Ashraf, argued that the death penalty and public execution of child rapists cannot be implemented in Pakistan since it is the signatory of the UN charters and resolutions. Adding that the implementation of the bill would welcome international backlash.

Meanwhile, except for two PTI cabinet ministers, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry and Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, a large number of PTI lawmakers backed the bill. The two ministers called the resolution tantamount to bolstering extremism in the society.

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“This is just another grave act in line with brutal civilization practices [sic]. Societies [should] act in a balanced way, [barbarity] is not an answer to crimes. This is another expression of extremism,” said Fawad Chaudhry.

Shireen Mazari also criticized the resolution presented by PTI lawmakers. “The resolution passed in NA today on public hangings was across party lines and not a government-sponsored resolution but an individual act,” she said on Twitter. “Many of us oppose it—our Ministry of Human Rights strongly opposes this. Unfortunately, I was in a meeting and was not able to go to NA,” she added.

She argued that Pakistan’s judicial system has the death penalty for the child rapists, however, there is a need to pace up the pending cases to set precedence in the society to deter the potential child rapists.

While social media hailed the resolution passed by the NA, they also slammed Fawad Chaudhry and Shireen Mazari for opposing the resolution. Social media users likened these condemnation statements of both the cabinet ministers to their short-sightedness and ineptness to comprehend the gravity of the crime. Pakistani Twitter users are convinced that public hanging is a last resort and strong deterrence to control sexual offenses against children.


Earlier proposal of making public the videos and audio of hanging child rapists was presented in the KP Assembly.

The committee convened a meeting presided by Minister for Social Welfare Hasham Inam Ullah on Saturday. The recommendations concerning amendments in child protection and welfare act-2010 were given final shape.

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The committee said in its proposals that no remission will be granted in the sentence to be awarded to those convicted in child abuse cases. The audio and video of the execution scene of those awarded death sentence in child abuse offenses can be shown to people instead of a public hanging.

The committee has also proposed not to give any job in educational institutions to those found involved in the offense of harassing or sexually assaulting children.

The committee has also recommended to award sentences up to 14 years and fines up to Rs 5 million to those involved in pornography.

In a historic move, the National Assembly unanimously passed the Zainab AlertRecovery and Response Bill on Friday, 9th January. The bill introduced a multitude of measures to speed up the recovery of missing children and the conviction of child abusers in sexual assault cases.