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Sunday, April 14, 2024

China prospered because it allowed corruption: Analyst Reema Omer

According to Reema Omer, a Pakistani analyst, China grew into an economic power due to corruption. This has left social media users confused as they discuss the authenticity of her statements.

Pakistani analyst, Reema Omer, allegedly said in a talk show on Thursday that China developed because it allowed corruption. In a TV talk show on Geo News, Reema Omer claimed that China prospered because it allowed corruption in its institutions.

Her statements came during a panel discussion between different analysts regarding the recent assertions of PM Imran Khan on the growth and development in China. In his latest interview, with Liu Xin of CGTN, PM Imran Khan hailed the Communist Party of China for its unique model of governance, which he described as an alternative model parallel to the electoral democratic system.

Listing the strong points of the system, he said that the governance model was flexible enough to adapt to changes and mend its policies as needed. This flexibility led to speedy development and economic growth in China.

Reema Omer, however, admitted that China had grown and developed dramatically but attributed it to corruption. She said the answers to how China reduced poverty and increased its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was because it let the institutions work and did not object to corruption.

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She said that certainly, Prime Minister Imran Khan, would not like these answers since he runs his narrative on the fight against corruption. She even asked to abolish National Accountability Bureau (NAB) so that Pakistan can progress. Omer added that the growth and development declined when China initiated an accountability campaign.

She reiterated her assertions in a series of tweets as well.

“Professor Ang, among others, has shown high growth and rampant corruption reinforced each other in the Chinese development model Not only were bureaucrats rewarded for bringing in investment flouting rules/procedures, investors and bureaucrats also exchanged money/favors,” wrote Reema Omer in her tweet.

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“This produced high growth + vast corruption simultaneously (whether PK should imitate this model is another debate) But of course we won’t talk about this: After all, corruption = underdevelopment is an article of faith on which the entire edifice of Naya Pakistan stands,” she added further.

Her comments, however, have left social media users confused. A video of her statements has gone viral on Twitter with netizens discussing the authenticity of her statements.