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Sunday, April 14, 2024


Chinese Street spicy Food |

In this Chinese Street Food Tour of Sichuan, The Food Rancher traveled to the “SPICIEST” Sichuan city to taste and eat the best street food in China.

The Food Rancher went to a local “BREAKFAST” joint and ate some very delicious Chinese Breakfast Baozi and Dumplings, and then traveled through Sichuan by bus to the next city for lunch. Here in Sichuan, some of the best street food around the world, and so spicy, this is “DEATH” level spicy in Zigong!

The Food Rancher went to a little street food restaurant for lunch, serving up authentic Chinese recipes that you will fall in love with for sure!

The local Sichuan chef’s cooking was incredibly delicious and had an amazing home-cooked style that we would go back for again and again.

In this “DEEP” in Sichuan, the spicy food may be a challenge for you to take, but if you taste one bite, you may just become addicted to that “fragrance”.

The Food Rancher is currently traveling through China on a 6-week street food tour and Chinese cuisine journey all through Sichuan and then making their way South into Yunnan to taste the best, spiciest, authentic street foods. Chatting with the locals in Sichuan and throughout China is always fun!

This is the second day of their street food tour, after their travels from Chengdu to Neijiang, The Food Rancher took the bus to Zigong. When they arrived, found a hotel quick and then set out to eat street food! In the evening, they found an ancient village famous for salt production and also famous for its SPICY CHICKEN FEET!!

If you’re traveling through China or even living in China, you really have to explore Sichuan markets and back streets! There is a lifetime worth of food to try and explore. If you visit a market or some street food areas, come with an open mind and visit to chat with locals with few words of Mandarin. The locals are friendly!

Chinese street food and Chinese cuisine are abundant and diverse that you couldn’t eat it in your whole lifetime.
The Food Ranchers consider themselves very lucky to be able to live in Chengdu, Sichuan, eating delicious Sichuan street food and tasting new and enticing street foods almost every day.

Here are the addresses for the street foods:

1) Chinese breakfast Baozi and Dumplings in Neijiang: 早餐:四川内江市民族路号

2) Chinese street food lunch, delicious “Xiaochao” style lunch, where you choose the ingredients and the chef makes her special recipe for you: 午饭:四川自贡市汇兴路四川省卫生康复职业学院对面

3) AMAZING Chinese Blade Sheared Noodles on the street in Zigong 四川自贡市汇兴路卫生康复职业学院对面公交站旁《尝回头羊肉米粉》

4) ANCIENT village SPICY Chicken feet: 晚餐:四川自贡市贡井艾叶街场口公交车站艾叶酒场)