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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Chinese Embassy refutes AP’s concocted story about Pakistani brides’ being exploited in China

Chinese Embassy has categorically rejected the AP’s report and cautioned Pakistani public about misreporting in media which may hurt the relations between China and Pakistan. This is the high time to differentiate fact from perception. The times of organized propaganda and disinformation. 

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has categorically rejected a ‘fabricated’ report of the Associated Press (AP). The AP claimed that Pakistani brides were being sold to Chinese men and authorities are not taking up any actions. Sources in the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan told GVS that these reports are part of the well-thought propaganda against the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion project between the two states.

AP’s report alleged that 629 women were subjected to physical and sexual abuse, forced fertility treatments and, in some cases, were also pushed into prostitution. Furthermore, AP said that accusations of organ trade had also surfaced in reports drawn up by Pakistan’s investigation agencies.

Experts believe that there is a problem regarding human trafficking since there have been some cases in the past. But it is also important to take into consideration that the western media and states often use a cover of human rights and rule of law to carry out their clandestine activities for the fulfillment of their strategic interests.

In the present case, western media is coming up with reports without solid evidence which may raise some serious questions about the increasing people-to-people contact between China and Pakistan.

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Interestingly, while responding to unsubstantiated claims, the Chinese embassy spokesperson said: “The Chinese government will protect legitimate marriages and combat crimes. If any organization or individual commits a crime in Pakistan under the banner of transnational marriage, China supports the Pakistani side to crack it down according to Pakistani laws.

The spokesperson added that the Ministry of Public Security of China had investigated the matter and had found no evidence that Pakistani women, who had stayed in China after marriage to Chinese men, had been forced into prostitution or organ sale.

“Actually, the Chinese side also sent a task force to Pakistan to carry out law enforcement cooperation with the Pakistani side, which is proved to be very effective (sic),” the spokesperson said.

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The spokesperson also added that the media was becoming a part of propaganda against the two countries. “It is clear that certain media has made groundless stories again without a full investigation and [irrespective] of the facts. Its intention is very suspicious. We will never allow a few criminals to undermine China-Pakistan friendship and hurt the friendly feelings between two peoples. We also hope that media reports should seek truth from facts, be objective and fair.”

FIA’s crackdown against the Chinese citizens

It is important to note that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested eight Chinese nationals and their four Pakistani accomplices in connection with their alleged involvement in trafficking Pakistani girls to China and enforcing them into prostitution in May this year.

The FIA busted the racket of Chinese and Pakistani nationals on charges of trafficking young women to China after marrying them. According to FIA Lahore Deputy Director Jamil Ahmed Khan Meo, the agency launched a crackdown across Punjab on the directives of FIA Director General Bashir Memon.

The suspects arrested during a raid on Divine Homes were identified as Wang Hao, Shui Sheli, Wang Yezho, Chang Shel Roy, Pan Khowajay, Wang Bao, Zoathi and a woman named Ken Dis. Meo said that the suspects were involved in marrying Pakistani girls with the help of local agents and forcing them into prostitution. He said that a total of 10 Chinese nationals have so far been arrested.

Chinese Embassy quickly responded

China’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan Lijian Zhao issued a statement and explained the scenario. He said that visas of over 90 Pakistani brides were withheld over fears of sex trafficking and organ trades.

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Speaking exclusively to Urdu News, Zhao said the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad had received 142 applications from Chinese nationals, seeking visas for their Pakistani brides in 2018, whereas 140 similar applications have already been received in the first few months of the current year. “This sudden spike in the number of transnational marriages alerted the officials and we approached our Pakistani counterparts in this regard who have launched an investigation into the matter,” said the Chinese diplomat. Only 50 visas were granted with the remaining requests being withheld, he added.