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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

China, Pakistan willing to add third country into CPEC for regional security, stability

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian has said that China remains firm in its support of CPEC development and expanding cooperation with Pakistan

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China firmly supports the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The spokesperson also expressed that China is willing to work with Pakistan to expand the areas of cooperation and the level of cooperation within existing areas. Agricultural, Industrial, Science and technology, and other areas that can improve the livelihood of the Pakistani people are being considered for collaboration.

Pakistan President Dr. Arif Alvi had in a recent interview with Pakistan Observer cited the importance of the CPEC projects to the country and had explained that Pakistan seeks to emerge as an international ‘geo-economic’ hub.

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Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the project is a very important ‘pilot program’ in the larger Belt and Road initiative. It is also a very important project and a flagship initiative in Pakistan and China’s cooperation.

Zhao also said that CPEC has created real benefits in Pakistan, especially in transportation and port development. He said that the project was delivering real developmental and economic benefits to Pakistan.

China and Pakistan are ready to open CPEC to a third country with bilateral consultation, this could be a way to achieve greater goals, said the spokesperson. He repeated the example of the Gwadar Port, which is also lauded by President Alvi as “offering excellent connectivity with the Central Asian countries and the rest of the world.”

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Zhao said that China unwaveringly supports the CPEC development, and stands ready to work together with Pakistan on expanded and more collaborative projects.

Since opening its transshipment business in the first half this year, the Port has facilitated the transportation of some 20,000 tons of wheat, sugar, fertilizers to Afghanistan via the CPEC and creating nearly 1,000 local jobs in the process.

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