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Friday, December 1, 2023

Chinese medical team starts training Pakistani doctors

Chinese medical experts have started sharing their expertise to fight COVID-19, with the medical staff in Pakistan. Their training will include case detection, prevention and clinical management of the novel coronavirus. The experts suggested that social distancing and isolation will help to contain this pandemic.

China sent an 8-member medical team to Islamabad, from Xinjiang, on the 28th of March. They came carrying a large consignment of medical equipment to help Pakistan tackle ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. On the 5th of April, the team of Chinese experts started training Pakistani doctors.

The training session

This conference included coronavirus case detection, prevention and clinical management at the King Edward Medical University. The whole operation was conducted under the supervision of Punjab Health Minister, Dr Yasmin Rashid.

According to the Chinese Embassy, the medical team will stay in Pakistan for a total time span of two weeks. The said team is led by Minghui, who is responsible for holding the aforementioned technical sessions. At the gathering, the rest of the experts delivered lectures on their respective areas of expertise and shared their experiences of controlling the pandemic in Wuhan, China. These experts were namely, Li Fengsen, Lu Dongmei, Song Yunlin, Enwer Nasiroula, Zhang Li, Meng Cunren and Liu Wanli.

They shared their knowledge on containment strategies,  symptoms and lessons learnt by caring for critically ill patients. The Chinese healthcare professionals emphasized that ‘social distancing and isolation of confirmed and suspected patients were key elements of treatment.’

Punjab Health Minister, Dr Yasmin Rashid, thanked the Chinese government for sending their experts to Pakistan. She welcomed the Chinese team and said, “Punjab doctors are keen to learn from the experience of the guest experts.”

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Dr Yasmin Rashid further said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan, is making important decisions under his leadership. Although we are increasing the number of beds and ventilators, we have yet to learn that complete social distancing and stopping the transmission is the key to control the disease. Certainly, people of Pakistan and the government are jointly fighting this battle.”

China has sent large consignments of medical relief equipment to Pakistan

Amidst the challenging COVID-19 outbreak, China has sent several consignments to Pakistan. These carry millions of masks, ventilators and other medical equipment. Most of these deliveries have been donated by Jack Ma, through Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma foundation, to help curb the disease in the country.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), in a special flight, brought the sixth consignment of medical supplies on the 2nd of April. More importantly, this package alone was worth US$ 3 million and is among several donations costing even more. The medical relief supplies include testing kits, N-95 masks and gloves. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will distribute the medical supplies after clearance from customs.

Additionally, China has provided a medical assistance grant worth $4 million to help Pakistan fight against the COVID-19. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has witnessed a surge in coronavirus cases, taking the tally to over 3000 patients. This comes accompanied by a sharp death toll averaging over 50 as of today, thereby causing an increasing urgency in the country.

The Chinese Embassy of Pakistan has been regularly posting updates on this whole endeavour on microblogging website Twitter. These tweets are constantly boasting the friendship between Pakistan and China through the hashtag #ChinaPakSolidarity.