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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Citizens urge Sindh CM to learn governance from PM Khan

As lockdown commences in Sindh, Twitteratis think the province's Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah should learn how to efficiently manage Covid from PM Khan.

As Sindh imposes lockdown in cities, people are expressing their disappointment over the Sindh government’s management of the pandemic. With the #KaptanSySekhoMurad trending on Twitter, citizens are urging the current Sindh Chief Minister to learn how to manage the pandemic from PM Khan.

Yesterday, PTI’s official Twitter account shared a video clip of Bill Gates praising Pakistan’s handling of the pandemic. PTI posted the video and said Murad Ali Shah should listen and learn how to handle Covid from PK Khan and NCOC.

PTI’s Twitter post prompted the #KaptanSySekhoMurad to take over by storm with people urging CM Murad Ali to follow PM Khan’s model of governance.

On Friday, Sindh CM announced the imposition of a lockdown till August 8 as cases spike, especially in Karachi. As a result, citizens voiced their severe displeasure at the decision.

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According to them, the Sindh government never took Covid seriously. Their mismanagement of the pandemic caused cases to surge. Thus leading to a lockdown, creating inconvenience for the population.


PM Khan’s government is also against a lockdown as it increases poverty among the poor due to businesses shutting down.

Even Prime Minister Khan voiced his displeasure at the Sindh government’s decision of a lockdown. He criticized the lockdown imposed by the Sindh government against the federal government’s wishes. He explained that doing so would break the back of the common man.

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More complaints of Sindh govt’s mismanagement

Netizens are sharing more instances of Sindh govt’s failure. One Twitter user shared a picture of an area in Karachi covered in garbage.

Another Twitter user highlighted the lack of clean water available in Sindh.

“The people of Sindh are unable to drink clean water. Is Prime Minister Imran Khan also responsible for this?” the Twitterati wrote, hinting at Bilawal Bhutto who frequently accuses PM Khan of Pakistan’s dire conditions.


Meanwhile, PM Khan’s launched Clean Green Pakistan Movement in 2018 to ensure that people are provided with the basic amenities. The initiative aims to address five components: plantation, solid waste management, liquid waste management/ hygiene, total sanitation, and safe drinking water.