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Sunday, April 21, 2024

CJP Umar Atta Bandial calls for negotiations for elections

Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandial has again asked the political parties to negotiate regarding the elections in Pakistan.

His remarks came at a time when JUI-F militia Ansaar-ul-Islam stormed the Red Zone area of Islamabad and settled in front of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He stressed for opposition parties and coalition government to resume negotiations regarding the stalemate on elections in the country.

The matter came under discussion as a three-member bench heard the Election Commission of Pakistan’s plea to review its decision of conducting elections on 14th May.

During the hearing, CJP said that the election commission had raised issues of funds and security.  “[But] today, the ECP has raised a question [mark] regarding the court’s jurisdiction,” he said. He noted that ECP agreed before the court that it would conduct elections once funds were raised. “Now, the election commission has opened Pandora’s box,” he said, questioning whether the ECP could raise points that were not raised before.

PTI’s legal counsel Ali Zafar argued that new points can be raised in the review petition hence it has limited scope. He urged the court to reinforce its order of elections on May 14th. Zafar argued that the constitution has been murdered and that an “unconstitutional government” is sitting in Punjab.

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“The order will be implemented once it is finalized,” the CJP responded. Court said that it wants to hear the arguments of ECP regarding the maintainability of the review petition.

“People are losing their lives. Institutions are facing risks and threats,” he said. “My advice to everyone is to play a role in bringing about a peaceful environment,” said Bandial in his remarks.

Talking about the PDM demonstration, he said: “Look at the situation outside the SC. What is happening outside, who will implement the Constitution?”