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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Clearabee rubbish removal removes the stress of moving day

Use a rubbish removal service like Vector movers NJ to take the stress out of moving day

Moving home is exciting. It’s also the perfect time to carry out the decluttering you’ve been putting off for years. You’ve got to pack everything you own, so why not use the opportunity to sort through and clear up.

The best advice is to start early. You will be surprised just how long packing can take, so start as soon as you know a move is on the horizon. If you haven’t relocated for a long time, the thought of it might be daunting, so give yourself small daily targets so the decluttering doesn’t overwhelm you.

Where do you start with decluttering?

Start with just one cupboard, or set of drawers or wardrobe and take it step by step. Go through it and have a bag for charity, a packing box and a sack destined for rubbish removal. Be honest with yourself, are you really going to use it if it’s been at the back of a cupboard for years? Do you want to take time packing it, transporting it and then unpacking it again for it to remain unused in your next place? Once you have decluttered your targeted area, give the newly cleared space a spring clean by vacuuming or washing it down ready for the move. Don’t just line bags up in the hallway so they get in the way, take the things you are giving away to their new owners straight away. If you need a break after completing your first decluttering, then that’s OK but make sure you keep going tomorrow now you have started the ball rolling. Breaking it down like this makes it doable, and as you clear and clean away, you will find that you enjoy the feeling of getting things in order.

Don’t forget those-out-of-sight areas

Going through each room, you will slowly clear your home, but there are some areas that will take a lot more work to pack up. The loft, the garage and the garden shed are places where we tend to put things we don’t know what to do with. We store the items that we are not ready to part with just yet, but we no longer need in our daily lives. It can be quite a challenge to declutter these areas up and it usually takes a lot longer than is anticipated. Think about getting others to lend a hand, and they can also help you be more ruthless. Again, apply the same principles of sorting – what is to be packed, what is rubbish and which items can be given to friends, family or charity.

The difficulty with clearing the attic or garden storage areas is that you can end up with a considerable pile of things which need to be disposed of. This is when a rubbish removal company like Clearable comes into its own. They offer a number of different services that will be very helpful to use when you are moving home, and they will come out at the last minute if you find on the final day you have more to throw out than you anticipated.

Leaving a rented home free of your rubbish

If you are moving out of a rental property, you might find you have a clause that says you cannot leave any rubbish behind that does not fit in the regular bin. Leave more and some of your security deposit might get held back. At times like this, arranging rubbish removal with Clearabee could be cheaper than losing your deposit and you can rely on them to dispose of everything properly.