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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Clinton Conundrum – By Mahir Ali

Mahir Ali | Oct 26, 2016

THERE is no longer much cause to doubt that Hillary Clinton will be inaugurated in January as the first female president of the US. The opinion polls have been strongly trending that way, notably after her Republican rival, Donald Trump, indicated last week that he would accept the result of the Nov 8 election only if he won the contest. He has also undermined himself in multiple other ways, mainly through successive failures to disguise his true nature.

A handful of observers are, however, unconvinced. They fear (or, in some cases, hope) that the polls are off the mark. They will tell you that Trump’s stunt candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination was, for quite some time, deemed hopeless. That in the case of this particular contender, it would be a mistake not to expect the unexpected…

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