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Thursday, May 23, 2024

CM Buzdar’s crack down: 15 officers suspended?

On his surprise visit to Sialkot and Sambrial, CM Buzdar takes stern action and removes 15 officers due to negligence of duty and poor performance. Interestingly, this is not the first time CM Buzdar has suspended officers. Like PM Khan, he too frequently changes his team.

In a bid to curb negligence, Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar orders the removal of 15 officers. The move came amid frequent complaints from the public of the poor performance of those officers.

Thursday, CM Buzdar paid a surprise visit to Sambarial and Sialkot and took strict action against the officers. He reviewed their performance and due to unsatisfactory results, suspended them.

On his directions, authorities removed AC Sambrial, XEN (Irrigation) Marala, DSP Daska, and DSP Traffic Sialkot from their posts. Sambrial Chief Officer Municipal Cooperation, MS THQ Hospital, AD Land Record and Sialkot’s CO Tehsil Cooperation, Excise and Taxation Officer, DHO, Superintendent District Jail Sialkot, Assistant Superintendent Women District Jail Sialkot, CO MC Pasrur, CO MC Daska, Sub Registrar (Rural) and District Health Officer have also been suspended.

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Buzdar also took notice of the plight of women prisoners in District Jail Sialkot. He reprimanded the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the jail. He even lashed out at the mismanagement at the Sialkot District Jail.

Furthermore, on his visit, CM Buzdar directed Deputy Commissioner Sialkot to launch a crackdown on encroachments and mafia without any discrimination.

He also approved the construction and repair of Sambarial Road. Moreover, CM Buzdar announced the release of a fund of Rs 200 million for the construction of the Shahabpura bridge.

CM Buzdar’s stern action: Not the first time?

This is not the first time CM Buzdar took strict actions against negligence and incompetence. Like PM Khan, CM Buzdar also frequently changes his team.

Back in July, CM Buzdar on his visit to the Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan) suspended six officials for negligence in the provision of facilities to the people.

The chief minister said that there is no place for officers in Punjab who cannot respond to public complaints within a reasonable time. He warned that he will take strict action against officials who are not performing their respective duties.

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