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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian Colonel Rajesh directing terror in Pakistan from Kabul: DG ISPR

Colonel Rajesh named by Pakistan as a mastermind behind terror-sponsoring in Pakistan, through Indian consulates in Afghanistan

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the foreign minister of Pakistan and DG ISPR, presented a damning ‘dossier’ on Indian sponsored terrorism in Pakistan. They revealed that India had established terror-financing cells in Indian embassies in Afghanistan along the Pakistani border. DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar also named ‘Colonel Rajesh,’ who is working in an Indian embassy in Afghanistan as a mastermind behind terror related activities in Pakistan.

FM Qureshi revealed that India is endeavoring to establish a consortium of TTP with proscribed dissident orgs of Balochistan (BLA, BLF & BRA) which are already united under the banner of BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoie Sangar) constituted in 2018.

‘Colonel Rajesh’ mastermind behind terror financing in Pakistan

Indian intelligence officer named Col Rajesh (employed at Indian Embassy in Afghanistan) is the master planner and the letter in Dari reveals that he has already held four meetings with commanders of these terrorist organizations to synergize their efforts and upscale terrorist activities in metropolitan cities (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar) in November and December 2020.

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It has also been discovered that Indian intelligence agencies are trying to establish Pakistan’s linkage with ISIS by creating “Daesh-e-Pakistan”. Recently, 30 Indian Daesh militants were relocated from India to various camps along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border by 2 Indian intelligence agencies operatives. These militants were handed over to DAESH Commander Shiekh Abdul Rahim alias Abdul Rehman Muslim Dost.

Indian Ambassadors in Afghanistan have been regularly supervising various terrorist activities. In one such instance, the Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan and Indian Consular in Jalalabad had detailed discussions with collaborators to provide financial support to TTP and dissident Baloch elements.

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RAW is financing its henchmen in various countries. RAW made two transactions to its cut-out to promote terrorism in KP. Both transactions have been made through Indian Banks: $ 28,000 was transferred by Punjab Bank India the second transaction of $ 55, 851 was made by Mr. Manmeet (an Indian national) from Indian Bank, New Delhi, which was received by Afghanistan International Bank. On another occasion, RAW while using the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan held a number of meetings with TTP Commanders. The letter in Dari reflects that India paid $ 820,000 to TTP leadership through its collaborators.

Indian Embassies in Afghanistan being used to siphon money to terrorists

Ahsan Butt writing for the diplomat says that India has expanded its footprint in Afghanistan, steadily over the last decade, affording India opportunities to avoid basic geographic obstacles. Even if reliant on embassies and under-the-radar cooperation with host intelligence agencies, such as Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS), India can provide financial help and small arms to Baloch rebels fighting the Pakistani state.

Recently, a RAW sponsored network of 6 x terrorists has been unearthed which has linkages with the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange (29 June 2020) and is also involved in the delivery of suicide jackets to various terrorist groups operating in Pakistan besides undertaking terrorist activities. Two RAW frontmen (Abdul Wahid and Abdul Qadir) along with four terrorists (Afghan nationals) have been exposed. The same network is also involved in the target killing of Ulema, Police officials and notables, within Pakistan to create disharmony.

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RAW had been paying these illegal outfits handsome amounts (suicide – PKR 10 Mn, VBIED – PKR 10 Mn, IED – PKR 1 Mn, and target killing – PKR 1 Mn) for undertaking terrorist activities. Security forces have also intercepted a huge cache of suicide jackets, IEDs, explosives, weapons & ammunition.

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